Wednesday, June 1, 2011

100 things to do in 2011: month in review.

HAPPY JUNE, GUYS! i did some stuff last month (including turning 25, last weekend...EEK) and it was sweet.

13. see 50 new movies - CONTINUED.
cried like a baby at the katherine heigl rom-com "life as we know it" (josh duhamel, u so cute) and laughed my ass off at "the hangover 2". same jokes, but still funny.

14. dine at 50 new restaurants - CONTINUED.
had yummy italian food and ogled a yummy waiter with my former roommate at bellino in wakefield, chowed down on bbq sliders and sweet potato fries during my birthday dinner at the new scorpion bar at foxwoods, and cured the hangover blues with eggs, homefries, toast and bacony grease the next morning at the equinox diner in mystic.

29. take a dance class - COMPLETED.
zumba, baby! though i was barely sweating at the end. and i never exercise, so somethin' was wrong with that.

61. make $1,000 in freelance - CONTINUED.
think i'm up to $885 now. almost there!

67. get a mani/pedi - DID ONE.
i got a french manicure for my birthday and i pretty much want my nails to stay like this foreva-eva.

97. win money at a slot machine - COMPLETED.
i won money at foxwoods...then promptly lost it a few minutes later. i'm still counting it, dammit.

also, it should be noted that a couple weeks ago i crossed off a long-time bucket list item, "be a movie extra". i shot an audience scene during a 9-hour day with a bunch of other people at the tsongas arena in lowell for the upcoming kevin james/salma hayek comedy, "here comes the boom". i don't even really care to see the movie actually, except for this scene to see if i can spot myself. ha! the scene was a UFC fight in vegas at the mgm grand, and it was a much different experience than i was expecting. for one, neither kevin james nor any of the other movie stars were there, and we weren't ACTUALLY reacting to anything. the director gave us cues ("someone just got hit! wince!") that we followed in a sequence. then we moved to the next section, and did it all again. all. around. the. arena. twice. i could never be an actor. but it was a fun, once-in-a-lifetime experience! see how happy i am?

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