Tuesday, May 24, 2011

imma miss you, oprah.

aside from a brief stint in college during which my roommate brainwashed me into hating oprah (it was a dark, dark time), oprah has constantly been one of my top inspirations for as long as i can remember. the farewell episodes this week are a liiiiittle much, but i was legit bawling yesterday ...AND today, when stedman came out (omg! he does exist!)

anyways, who else can do it like oprah? NO ONE. i'll sit down to watch an episode, and have my mouth hanging open, then i'll cry, then i'll yell at the tv, then i'll gasp...all in the span of half of an episode.

she's epic...flawless...amazing, etc. and rich as haaaaale. anytime you wanna hang out, oprah, girl...just call me, k? i know you're gonna have a lot of downtime now that the show's over. and gayle is totally using you.

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