Sunday, May 1, 2011

stuff i love: sally hansen's nail effects

ahhhh!!! even just looking at that picture makes me gleeful.

i HATE doing my nails, so when i came across these lil' miracles in the CVS beauty section, i nearly fainted. i don't care if the patterns are tween-ish, i'm in love. the best part? they're not fake nails, but basically just decals you place on your nails and shape with a file to fit. when you're sick of 'em, you take them off with nail polish remover. amazing.

so far, i've tried the fishnet pattern in the top row and the leopard one in the second, and i was thinking the reviews i read that said "ohh i've gotten so many compliments!" were exaggerating. but seriously everywhere i go, random people compliment and/or ask me about them. great conversation starter!

at $8-10, these babies aren't cheap, but they're oh-so-worth it.

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