Friday, August 31, 2012

gak city: an ode to '90s nickelodeon

the result of boredom on 2 transatlantic and 4 domestic flights this summer...i present to you: GAK CITY: a parody of tyga's "rack city" and an ode to '90s nickelodeon! the shows included, in order, are: double dare, 100 deeds for eddie mcdowd, hey dude, are you afraid of the dark?, wild 'n crazy kids, clarissa explains it all, doug, rugrats, the adventures of pete & pete, legends of the hidden temple, salute your shorts, the secret life of alex mack, GUTS, and all a bunch of fads.

can someone help me make a super-awesome youtube video for this? until then, you'll just have to rap along. if you know me IRL, i'll gladly do it live.

Gak, gak, gak city, bitch
Gak, gak, gak city, bitch
Gak, gak, gak, gak city, bitch.
Marc Summers on the beat

Gak city, bitch
Gak, gak city, bitch
Ten, twelve, almost twenty on yo' skip-it, bitch
Hundred deeds for Eddie
Shepherd/husky mix,
H-Hey Dude, you don't know who you ranchin' with
Watchin' all the SNICK,
watchin' watchin' all the SNICK
watchin' all night
The dark? We ain't afraid of it

My troll doll's too dope,
I ain't sellin' it.
Hair's greener than a whole pack of Doublemint.
Wild 'N Crazy Kids,
Clarissa explainin' shit.
Doug Funny, Doug Funny
Patty's hittin' it
We got Sam climbin' up for this
Haha, Ferguson know what it is

Gak city, bitch
Gak, gak city, bitch
Ten, ten, ten, twenty on yo' skip-it, bitch.
[ Lyrics from: ]
I'm a T-Rex slayin' star
Lookit, I killed Reptar
Too much cryin' from the rugrats, arrgh
Tell the Petes' dad to chill out about his yard

I need my scrunchie pronto
Twist it in the mornin' like my MONDO, it's day-glo,
Green monkeys at the top, yo. 
If you can't cross the moat, bitch, let Kirk Fogg know.
Head honcho, Ug's got my back.
Pinsky starin' at me, meltin' like Mack.
Got my shorts off, the pole too packed. 
Let's salute, goin' up like a flag. 
God damn, climb up the crag
Mike Mike O'Malley, he knows that rock is rad
All that-that-that, Kenan still doin' shiz
Lori-Beth Denberg,
She knows what it is.

Gak city, bitch
Gak, gak city, bitch
Ten, ten, ten twenty on yo' skip-it, bitch.

Slimin' hundreds, hundreds
hundreds, hundreds
Slimin' hundreds, hundreds
Gak city, bitch
Gak, gak city, bitch
Hundreds, hundreds
Slimin' hundreds, hundreds
Hundreds, hundreds
Gak city, bitch
Gak, gak city, bitch.

Monday, August 27, 2012

today in livejournal history

god, i'm so glad i kept such thorough LJ entries. apparently, nine years ago today, i began my senior year of high school. how did THAT happen? blah blah i'm old whatever. despite my detailed explanation of this day, i am still confused as to 1) why i thought it was okay to call my mom to skip school 2) why my mom aided and abetted my best friend and i in skipping school,  3) why i still have crushes on potheads and 4) why i used PEACE as my sign-off. oh, youth!

SENIORS...what whaaaat![27 Aug 2003|03:53pm]
[mood| calm]

So, the summer ended w/ a party at Rachael's (including trips to building 19 and 1/15 and Lorden Plaza), and a nice lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. And today, the first day of senior year, was ironically filled with attempts to escape school. I'm on the freshman orientation committee, and Jen and I were supposed to give tours to the little brats (they're all punk or ghetto sketchies) but ______ stole our tour basically, so that sucked since we had nothing to do! However, I did get to see some of my long-time crushes, sooo cute! though they're all potheads, lol. Since Scotty was patrolling the campus so no one could leave, and Rachael, Jamie, Julie, Laura and Lyndsay had somehow managed to leave already, so I called my mom who took Jen and I to Wal-mart, where we ran into the whole group there (of course) where they told us of their daring escape and we stole some cheese. By that time, I could go back and get my car, so we all reunited at Wendy's and had a good old time, lol. I don't have any special goals this year, really...just to have fun w/ my friends and not procrastinate! Tomorrow's the first real day of classes, i'm not too stressed, it's all about livin' it up! PEACE

Sunday, August 19, 2012

5 more things i love right now

1. the winter park farmers' market

arguably the best farmers' market i've ever been to, f'real. it takes place every saturday morning in quaint downtown winter park and has a great selection of fruits, veggies, breads, cheeses, and even random stuff like kettle corn and honey. it's always a great time, with tons of locals coming together and really creating that community "vibe" that can be hard to find. plus, there's tons of cute puppies. always.  i went down yesterday, grabbed a delicious honey nut bagel with cherry-almond cream cheese (!) and a cappuccino from the on-site vendors, and snapped some shots.

2. this mandy moore song

this song is adorable! it's from her older, *more mature* album, amanda leigh, and i stumbled across it some time last week. though i vaguely remember bopping my head along to it on that day during summer 2007 when i stalked her 2 free concerts in boston (i had off from my restaurant hostess gig, what better way to spend it, right?). it has kind of a power-pop vibe, which makes sense since i guess she wrote this album with mike viola. enjoy!

3. "party of five" on DVD

i will forever be a '90s kid, so when i saw this when scanning the DVD racks at my local library the other day, i was overjoyed. i remember watching an episode or 2 when i was like, 8 or 9, but was too young to really comprehend or care about what was going on. so it's like discovering a whole new show with a fabulous soundtrack, tons of post-grunge hair, and FLANNEL!

4. this letter from a UCF professor to his students that made it onto the huffington post

5. mat devine's blog, the raccoon society

my best friend used to read this guy (the lead singer of new-wavey band kill hannah)'s blog religiously in high school and i became convinced that he was my pale, witty soulmate. while that may not be the case, i was happy to rediscover that he's still blogging and still funny as hell. case in point:

My love affair with NYC continues unabated, though I have to say, the pigeons here are fucking idiots. 
I was enjoying a calm moment yesterday in Christopher Park. (The plaque at the gate tells of the Stonewall Riot that took place here in 1969-- an event widely seen as the birth of the Gay Liberation movement)--
Anyway, this janky-ass bird is hopping around me, missing a toe BTW, (which I can only imagine happened in some filthy ill-fated rat attack)—Now, normally I wouldn’t have cared, but I’m feeling all lovey-dovey in the sun, so I break off a massive corner of my warmed almond brioche, toss it in his path, and await sweet satisfaction.
Cut to 10 MINUTES LATER. I’m rubbing my temples, trying to understand why this maverick is STILL choosing to peck at cold bricks and mortar when he’s clearly within inches of the biggest payday of his life.
At one point, he FINALLY starts bebopping directly towards the brioche (“It’s go time.”) Then, Mom, I-shit-you-not, he steps OVER it (“What!”), scuttles over to the fence and chokes down a random hunk of green glass.
The tipping point came when, after thoroughly exploring a wax Jolly Rancher wrapper, he set his sights on the tampon string under my bench. I stood up and shouted, “ENOUGH!”  Bird Genius took to the air, crooked and erratic- presumably to crash into a parked bus somewhere.  I will never give NYC pigeons another chance. Fuck them all.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the week in photos

spent time with my aunt, uncle & cousins in NY. we ate a lot and watched terrible movies. 
we all cooked dinner (chicken veronica) the first night and danced to the doors. i was assigned the task of sauteeing the eggplant. serious biz.
the next night: got drunk on homemade washington apple cocktails/ate pulled pork sandwiches, fried pickles/beans & bacon
 i took the ombre hair plunge
lost all my $$$ at mohegan sun (basically my second favorite place in the world behind vegas)
had an amazing lunch in mystic, connecticut at my favorite seafood place
(even before it was kardashian-approved!)

view from our table

seafood ambrosia, sauteed swiss chard/green beans/celery & mashed potatoes. i literally said "i want life to be like this. always."

covert shot of the private beach in watch hill, rhode island

best boat name

random-ass seating area at an ice cream place. pianos? butterflies? confusion.

NH league of craftsmen fair, which made me want to buy $1100 wooden lamps & move into a log cabin

so much new hampshire in one photo

dude carving a bear sculpture with a mo-fo-in' CHAINSAW