Monday, August 27, 2012

today in livejournal history

god, i'm so glad i kept such thorough LJ entries. apparently, nine years ago today, i began my senior year of high school. how did THAT happen? blah blah i'm old whatever. despite my detailed explanation of this day, i am still confused as to 1) why i thought it was okay to call my mom to skip school 2) why my mom aided and abetted my best friend and i in skipping school,  3) why i still have crushes on potheads and 4) why i used PEACE as my sign-off. oh, youth!

SENIORS...what whaaaat![27 Aug 2003|03:53pm]
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So, the summer ended w/ a party at Rachael's (including trips to building 19 and 1/15 and Lorden Plaza), and a nice lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. And today, the first day of senior year, was ironically filled with attempts to escape school. I'm on the freshman orientation committee, and Jen and I were supposed to give tours to the little brats (they're all punk or ghetto sketchies) but ______ stole our tour basically, so that sucked since we had nothing to do! However, I did get to see some of my long-time crushes, sooo cute! though they're all potheads, lol. Since Scotty was patrolling the campus so no one could leave, and Rachael, Jamie, Julie, Laura and Lyndsay had somehow managed to leave already, so I called my mom who took Jen and I to Wal-mart, where we ran into the whole group there (of course) where they told us of their daring escape and we stole some cheese. By that time, I could go back and get my car, so we all reunited at Wendy's and had a good old time, lol. I don't have any special goals this year, really...just to have fun w/ my friends and not procrastinate! Tomorrow's the first real day of classes, i'm not too stressed, it's all about livin' it up! PEACE

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