Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the week in photos

spent time with my aunt, uncle & cousins in NY. we ate a lot and watched terrible movies. 
we all cooked dinner (chicken veronica) the first night and danced to the doors. i was assigned the task of sauteeing the eggplant. serious biz.
the next night: got drunk on homemade washington apple cocktails/ate pulled pork sandwiches, fried pickles/beans & bacon
 i took the ombre hair plunge
lost all my $$$ at mohegan sun (basically my second favorite place in the world behind vegas)
had an amazing lunch in mystic, connecticut at my favorite seafood place
(even before it was kardashian-approved!)

view from our table

seafood ambrosia, sauteed swiss chard/green beans/celery & mashed potatoes. i literally said "i want life to be like this. always."

covert shot of the private beach in watch hill, rhode island

best boat name

random-ass seating area at an ice cream place. pianos? butterflies? confusion.

NH league of craftsmen fair, which made me want to buy $1100 wooden lamps & move into a log cabin

so much new hampshire in one photo

dude carving a bear sculpture with a mo-fo-in' CHAINSAW

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