Tuesday, July 31, 2012

100 things to do in 2012: month in review

july was, to use a phrase that is completely over yet still awesome, WINNING! i think i crossed off more items this month than any other so far.

6. go to a show at the social: COMPLETED.

if you missed my post about the best coast show a few weeks ago, check it here! 

8. meet a celebrity and take a picture with them: COMPLETED.

all i have to say is..."PROSTITUTION WHORE!" i also asked her what her favorite recipe is in her cookbook, and she said the chicken bruschetta. i didn't really respond because i was astounded by her tan.

48. bake and decorate a cake: COMPLETED. 

made my signature recipe, the best banana cake everrrr, for the 4th of july. it was a completely random choice for independence day, but it's something i'm good at, okay?!

68. feed the ducks in the pond at my apartment complex: COMPLETED.

threw some old rolls their way before heading out of town a few weeks ago. they started quacking and following me like an angry, hungry mob. cuties!

82.  give money to a busker: COMPLETED.

while wandering around boston, i saw this guy who was cranking some kind of organy-sounding instrument that he apparently made himself. it was awesome.

92. perform a song in public (live or youtube): COMPLETED.

i've rediscovered my dancing roots in the past month, and took my first classes in 8 years - modern and hip-hop! it feels great to be in the studio again. i've missed it so much. so i've performed choreography at least a few times in the past month! i also accompanied mi madre to a jazzercise class which was, um...AWESOME. shimmying to usher's "scream" with mostly middle-aged women? sorry, but that's amazing and you're sadly mistaken if you feel otherwise. might even go once more before i head back to flo rida.

97. make my mom's potato salad recipe: COMPLETED.

also made this for the 4th. it's the best ever. secret recipe! i feel privileged to have it.

for those of you keeping track (just me?), i think i'm at about 31ish on the list! gotta get moving. but i'm also teaching myself french, so i feel like that should count as an honorary item. or something. right?

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