Thursday, May 10, 2012

top 5 potential summer jam THROWDOWN

ah, the summer jam. there's one every year, and some years are better than others (for example, last year? "party rock anthem" was pretty much the only contender, while 2010 was filled with "club bangers" like usher's "o.m.g." & "dj got us falling in love", katy perry's "california gurls", enrique iglesias' "i like it", etc. etc.). summer is fast approaching, and WE NEED TO FIGURE OUT OUR SUMMER JAM, GUYS! the clock is ticking. here are my top picks. what do y'all think?

1. stefano f/ new boys and rock mafia - "i'm on a roll"

okay, so i was totally acting too cool when mr. langone returned to his idol stomping grounds last week to perform this tune and was all like, "HAHA STEFANO, LAAAME". but then the hook dug its way into my head. and then i looked up the song on youtube. and then i became obsessed. damn you, stefano! this tune has what i consider to be all the essential elements of a summer jam: 1. catchy as haaaale 2. danceable 3. lyrics with no real purpose except to make people want to love life and sing in the car and fist pump 4. a rap interlude. this one could go. all. the. waaayyyyy!

2. karmin - "brokenhearted"

karmin is pretty polarizing, though i can't quite tell how i feel about them. the face-pulling and semi-annoying rapping of the lead singer bothers me pretty badly, but i have to admit that they have some pop song skillz. this one is aiight, but i think it lacks a bit of the punch necessary to be a true summer jam.

3. flo rida - "whistle"

i'm no prude, but "can you blow my whistle, baby?" COME ON, FLO. leave a little mystery, for god sakes! i feel like this one is a little too risque to have mass summer jam appeal, but the whistling is kind of fun. i was considering including "wild ones" on this list, but i feel like it's already too played out (along with "call me maybe" and "boyfriend"). it's all about timing!

4. wiz khalifa - "no sleep"

liking the vibe of this. it's perfect for having some cocktails at a barbeque or lounging on the beach, half-hungover. i think it's a bit too sleepy to take the crown, though.

5. b.o.b. - "so good"

this has been out for a while, but i don't think it's approached the point of oversaturation and it's got good potential for this summer, talking about beaches in mexico and living the good life and all that jazz. the singalong chorus is totally made for driving with the top down and taking it easy.