Thursday, January 21, 2016

the best of texts from friends, part 2

in this installment, we have:

 punny book ideas:

extra-terrestrial dating dealbreakers:

ambivalence about being 
pursued on instagram by daniel friggin' v, the hottest project runway contestant of ALL TIME:


important, realistic conversations about harry styles:

a late-night pep talk during which i fervently referenced fetty wap, that i have absolutely no recollection of:

 and, of course, bieber lust:

Saturday, January 9, 2016

5 things i love right now

1. this pullover sweater from anthropologie 

y'all know that i never buy anything from anthropologie (besides candles and mugs) unless it's DEEPLY discounted, so imagine my delight last week when i saw that they were having a tag sale where errything was 25% off. even the stuff on the clearance rack, which is where i found this beauty. cozy, comfy, and perfect for these winter months when your soul just dies.

2. this hip-hop song, "in my room"

i'm still into this song a month later and wondering why it's not a hit yet. perfect for a dance party!

3. victoria's secret shea body butter

vicky's is amazing because they basically just keep discontinuing and reintroducing the same fragrances under different names, and ladies eat it up. it took me a full week to realize that i was also obsessed with this stuff like 6 years ago when it was the secret garden collection. now it's the "supersoft cotton moisture complex" or some bull. all i know is that it makes you smell like a yummy cookie and i'm into it.

4. tarot cards 

i've been gettin' mad mystical as of late, and have been brushing up on the ancient art of the tarot, which is supposed to help illuminate any issues in your life and provide guidance/food for thought. sure, it's probably total bullshit, but it's way cheaper than therapy .... and the cards are wicked pretty.

5. chris d'elia's stand-up

it's weird -- i don't care for chris' TV work at aaaaall, but his stand-up makes me wanna pee my pants. just about every set i watch has my stomach hurting and tears rolling down my cheeks. love how he laughs at himself and just keeps riffing and riffing on each joke. i just bought tickets for my friends and i to see him in may, and i can't wait. this bit in particular kills me.