Thursday, February 21, 2013

live with kelly & michael at disney world!

on tuesday, i went to my first-ever talk show taping at the magic kingdom. i had been hoping for ellen, but no dice. kelly & michael were fabulous, regardless, and michael strahan is now my favorite person in the world. disney was a total cluster that day and made me hate everyone, but it was a wonderful time aside from that. :)

ripa is such a skinny-minnie

diggin' into some turkey legs

zach braff was the guest! 

and ne-yo! not too shabby.

teaching 'em some dance moves.

some silly family double dare-ish game

while waiting to go onstage, gaston told us he had a picture of himself hanging above his fireplace. love that dude.

confetti for e'rryone!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

around town: harbour nights at loews portofino bay hotel

friday night combined just a few of my favorite things: food, wine, good company, a swanky hotel, and did i say wine? i had the pleasure of attending an event called harbour nights at the loews portofino bay  hotel near universal studios with some lovely ladies, and it was a great time.

as we entered, we were each given a wine glass and set free to run wild amongst a bunch of food and wine stations. the individually-sized plates, which included grilled flat iron steak/marsala risotto cake/mushroom ragu, olive oil & herb poached salmon, and ravioli with ricotta/spinach/brown butter sage porcini sauce and black truffle peelings (whoa) were incredible and i had no shame about scarfing down the entrees. and then...DESSERT! triple chocolate gelato and valentine's day-themed vanilla panna cotta with raspberry coulis, take me away. 

there was live music, which included a jazz band, cover band, and opera singers. it really felt like an awesome wedding, minus the drama. they even had free starbucks coffee to cap off the evening which i totally appreciated because i'm old now. of course, i went with decaf. if you're in the orlando area, or visiting, i highly recommend you attend this awesome event! check out some pictures below.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 things i love right now

1. the VW superbowl spot

as i tweeted on sunday, my new mantra is totally "sticky bun come soon."

2. better oats organic oatmeal

um, chai or cinnamon plum spiced oatmeal? that's like, all healthy and shiz? YES YES YES! i'm a longtime oatmeal fan, so i'm not sure how you'd feel about it if you're not into the whole hot cereal scene. but it's delicious, trust.

3. new hanson music soon!

FINE WINE. can't wait for this video.

4. "the for friends," girlfriend social

i happened to be reading  this article  about the difficulty of making platonic female friends after college, and someone posted a link to this website, girlfriend social, in the comments. i clicked on it thinking that there wouldn't be anyone on it near me, and to my surprise, saw that there were tons of women AND a planned get-together brunch (which i attended this past saturday). it was a fun time and it's kind of a cool concept to be able to meet up with people you wouldn't otherwise come across. and, in my case, without the potential creeper dude factor.

5. the fact that macaulay culkin and adam green are BFFs who make weird art together