Sunday, August 20, 2017

maine, maaaan

there's just something about portland, maine that gets me every time. i drove up yesterday, got back late this afternoon, and my stomach is still making unsettled and strange noises, so i must have done something right. as usual, the trip was mainly an excuse to eat and imbibe, though i did get to see some dear friends, which was cool too, i gueeeess.


j's oyster

the indulgence began with coronas and lobster rolls at j's, a no-frills spot in old port. my friend was excited because it was his first lobster roll of the summer. i was still excited even though it was my ::cough cough:: 7th-ish?

we strolled around a bit after lunch and explored some of my favorite vintage and vinyl stores, including strange maine (who took down their awesome sign for some reason, and i'm pissed).

we also went to the "flea for all," a huge indoor flea market, and i was extremely tempted by this $80 bart simpson cutout:

mt. desert island ice cream



despite the generic-sounding name, this place served up solid, super-doughy pizza and smelled phenomenal. they also played all of my alt-rock favorites, which is always the way to my heart.

local 188

two words: breakfast paella.

holy donut

i'd somehow never been here before, and it did not disappoint. i ordered the maine blueberry donut--because when in rome--and it was a revelation. my friend opted for the fresh lemon and wasn't as impressed. c'est la vie.



this was a great place to refuel and recharge, PLUS they had iced vietnamese coffee, which is a rare and delightful treat.

liquid riot

pretty much just wanted to go here because i dug the name, but the patio views, strong cocktails (haute fashioned: HELLO), delicious fries, and quality time chatting with dope people made it a highlight of the day.

also found this little bunch o'daisies sitting in the middle of the sidewalk on the way there. what does it all mean?!


i knew it was going to be good when my friend had to show the people in front of us how to get inside. a speakeasy with pictures of honest abe errywhere, this place is cozy and cash-only. the perfect place to start our saturday night.


my favorite thing about this place was the non-functioning jukebox:

also, that they had no food available except a massive chocolate cake. we were so bloated and full, but we just kept eyeing that cake on the bar...until an entire group of friends came in and each ordered a slice. it was fantastic. anyways, true to its name, this bar had a lot of maps. and cute little glasses with the outline of maine.


it's a gas station-turned-hipster coffee shop, and who doesn't love that? i'm also obsessed with the malt iced coffee.

some more assorted pictures because i'm suppressing my urge to spam instagram. thanks for indulging me!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

5 things i love right now

1. this tv show, the bold type

we all need at least one silly, cheesy YA-ish show to devour every summer, and the bold type has become mine. the show (on freeform, obv) centers on three 20-something recent grads working at a women's magazine called scarlet (i know), and the unrealistic drama, scandal, and romance that ensues. it's just right for all of my cheesy tv needs.

2. podcasts!

just in general, because i couldn't narrow it down to one. now that spotify has a bunch of 'em, i've been binging on podcasts like it's my job. though, admittedly, it's extremely hard to come up with clever headlines about pants while simultaneously listening to tips on making your dreams come true, so i've reserved most of my listening for my commute. just a few of my favorites:

the tim ferriss show (the morning routine episode is really, really good)
girlboss radio (which is now defunct, but was probably my favorite)
missing richard simmons (because who doesn't wonder WTF happened to him?)
the school of greatness

3. kesha's comeback 

i've long said that if i could choose to be any pop star, it would probably be ke$ha. i still remember the first time i saw the video for "tik tok"--still one of the greatest pop songs of our time, IMO--and was instantly fascinated by her hot mess style and DGAF attitude.

more recently, our girl has "had a time," as they say, and stepped away from the game to handle some very public personal issues and recharge. but she's baaaack and better than ever. albeit without the dollar sign, but it makes total sense when you hear her new songs and see her new vibe. i love all of the tunes i've heard thus far, but "woman," which features the dap-kings horn section, is a modern day aretha-franklin-esque anthem of female empowerment. dig it.

4.  my butcher block kitchen island

because i'm kind of weird, i've always harbored a dream of having a little butcher block kitchen island. and this past weekend, that dream came true. as soon as i laid eyes on it in IKEA, it was game over. so cute, right?

5. this hipster grocery store, city feed and supply 

i've already been a pretty frequent visitor to this gourmet grocery/deli/coffee shop in my 'hood, mainly for their sandwiches, but i just strolled down there tonight for their "first thursdays" event. basically, a bunch of reps give you samples of delicious stuff fo' free. it's like a mini bougie costco up in there! i had sauv blanc, rose, cava, and then some nitro cold brew and jerky for good measure. love it.