Monday, November 16, 2015

the best home alone finds on etsy

in honor of the film's 25th anniversary, celebrate with one of these fantastically quirky items.

a tres chic pullover

a badass doormat 
scream-worthy earrings 
a cute pop-art print

Saturday, November 7, 2015

5 things i love right now

1.  tights under ripped jeans

so, i bought a pair of ripped jeans at primark a few weeks ago, remembering the '90s trend of either sewing up the knee with a funky patch, or wearing tights under them. there are so many ways to mix up the look (colored tights, lace, other patterns), and they add a pop of intrigue and fun to any fall look.

2. this blog post about random turn-ons

when i came across this post the other day on one of my favorite blogs, a cup of jo, i found myself chuckling/smiling while reading the comments because it's comforting to know that we're basically all delightful weirdos. as jenna elfman (while dressed as an angel stripper) says in the teen classic can't hardly wait, "we all have our things." after considering the topic for a bit, i determined that my random turn-ons (besides men with long hair, because, duh) include:

  • southern accents
  • forearm and/or abdomen tattoos
  • chiseled cheekbones a la nick valensi
  • playing the electric guitar (not acoustic, though) or drums
  • skater beanies
  • salt-and-pepper hair

what are your random turn-ons?

3. this acoustic performance of "prey" by the neighbourhood

speaking of acoustic guitar ...
i don't know what's gotten into me in the past couple weeks, but i've basically become a neighbourhood fangirl. the fuzzy, soulful, slick new album, wiped out!, has mad atmospheric weeknd vibes and it's just really hitting the spot for me right now. however, the marketer in me is also a little fascinated with the group's carefully-cultivated image (all videos and photos of them must be black-and-white...whaaa?) and fervent tween fanbase, known as "hoodlums." anyways, this stripped-down rendition of one of my favorites is pretty addictive. jesse rutherford's voice is, to quote a commenter, "not of this world," and his funny facial twists and tics are quite amusing to watch.

4. this sage advice

buzzfeed, of all places, published this piece on relationship advice and it was GREAT. aside from this quote, the final paragraph was poignant and so, so true:

Don’t end up in a situation where someone else’s needs and desires come before your own. Don’t allow someone to control your emotions. And don’t put your heart in the hands of anyone who doesn’t treat you the way you deserve. If you’re ever doubting the way a situation is panning out, or how someone is treating you – whether you’re dating, in a relationship, or completely single – just imagine what you would tell a friend in the same position. Because while it can be easy to lose sight of things, and relationships can become complicated, one simple, indisputable fact remains: You deserve the best.

5. this video of a guy and his cat vibing to drake's "hotline bling"

YES, i know he's moving the cat's head, but lololol. may or may not have snorted the first time i watched this. it's almost as good as the kittens dancing to "turn down for what."

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

quirks aren't compatibility: the wisdom of 500 days of summer

“Just because she likes the same bizarro crap you do doesn't mean she's your soulmate.”

The first time I saw the indie rom-com 500 Days of Summer, I barely paid attention to this line, which is delivered by protagonist Tom’s little sister, Rachel. However, in my subsequent viewings -- because, when you’re a single 20-something, there will be subsequent viewings -- I realized that it’s not only one of the movie’s key themes, but also a massive truth bomb that I never bothered to examine. 

Summer and Tom initially bond in their office elevator over a Smiths song, an exchange that sets the tone for their entire relationship. Tom is taken by Summer’s surface quirks, from her inexplicable love for Ringo Starr to her retro, hipster hairstyle (those blunt-cut bangs get ‘em every time). Though the film was released in 2009, well before the days of Tinder, their love story could have just as easily began with right swipes that were based on superficial appearances and shared Facebook interests. 

Of course, for any romance to get off of the ground, you’ve gotta have some intangible chemistry that usually stems from mutual physical attraction and at least a little bit of common ground. But it’s all too easy to get caught up in the fact that you share the same obscure favorite band, or that you both love the same Harry Potter book, or that you both went to Gathering of the Vibes in 2009. Don’t get me wrong; that stuff is important, and can often indicate the potential for a deeper connection. Getting too wrapped up in it, though, is a big mistake ... even if it’s unavoidable much of the time. 

I’m woefully guilty of doing this, over and over. A quirky dude who looks fantastic on paper -- and even better in a plaid flannel shirt -- might be great to shop for vinyl and go to shows and get stoned and fool around with, but not so great when it comes to being a serious life partner.  However, when you find such a niche similarity with someone, it can feel almost fated. And everyone knows that we Serendipity- and Notebook-addled millennial women looooove us some fate. Pretty soon, you’ve reached animated dance sequence status, and there’s no turning back. Who cares that he never holds the door for me and disappears for days on end? I’d never met anyone else who digs that random Swedish indie rock song!

With some hindsight and perspective, it all seems so silly. Still, anyone who claims that they’ve never “pulled a Tom” and fell for someone who was all sorts of wrong for them because of some frivolous characteristics is probably (okay, most definitely) lying. The best we can do is appreciate each relationship for what it was and what it taught us, pick up the pieces, and realize that the right person doesn't always have to own a Dinosaur Jr. t-shirt or a David Sedaris book.

... oh, and never, ever trust anyone who names Ringo Starr as their favorite Beatle.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

appy halloween

someone pay me, plz.

a crowdsourced trick-or-treat map

sure, there are legit apps that allow folks to announce whether or not they'll be giving out candy this year, but they can't say WHAT treats they're distributing, nor can kiddos report back on the quality of each stop. i say we start 'em young and train them to be the disgruntled, insufferable yelp reviewers of the future. however, i would agree that any house in possession of bit-o-honeys or mary janes should be avoided at ALL COSTS. disgusting.

shazam for ghosts

whenever there's a spirit sighting, the biggest gripe is that they never actually say anything, right? just knock shit over and possess your kids and stuff. wouldn't it be great if you could just point your phone at the next apparition you see and get their whole backstory? then, you'd be all like "yo, i totally feel your pain. i've never had typhoid fever, but it seems really intense, so i'd probably be haunting people, too."

a personal costume consultant

similar to cher's daily outfit program from clueless, this app would find the best costume for you and tell you where to get all the stuff you needed for it. as a bonus feature, it would also veto a "sexy" anything IMMEDIATELY. 

halloween tinder

i know, i know. it's hard to imagine anything more bone-chilling than actual tinder, but bear with me. this version only works on halloween, and displays your most compatible mates based on costume choice. kanye west? great, we'll pair you with kim kardashian! a lone hot dog? the hamburger of your dreams is at a party down the street! the best part: there won't be any issue with your matches looking different in person ... at least until the next morning.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

where are they now? do i even care?

you know those d-thru-z-list celebs who occasionally pop into your head, that you don't have the energy and/or interest to research? i've got a bunch. in no particular order, i've wondered what happened to the following folks at some point, but have absolutely no desire to type their name into my google search bar:

da brat

leif garrett

former mtv vj jesse camp:

while we're at it, former mtv vj ray munns:

and, because i'm on an mtv roll, that redhead that co-hosted say what? karaoke with dave holmes (i think her name was laura, but can't even find a picture)


the nerdy guy from can't hardly wait/jack from hook

the boy band 5ive

samantha mumba:

the pizza guy from home alone

christian oliver, who played some cute swiss guy in the babysitters club movie and was in some reincarnation of saved by the bell (i think):

moira quirk, the referee from GUTS



devon gummersall, aka brian krakow from my so-called life

meg white

lou bega

everyone from the ghostwriter cast

evan and jaron:

ryan cabrera

the nerdy guy from sixteen candles who wasn't anthony michael hall or john cusack:

who are your picks?!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

all the fall things

i might be slightly biased, but it really doesn't get much better than fall in new england. leaf-peepin, apple-pickin', cider-sippin' goodness. there are a handful of traditions that make the season feel a bit warmer and cozier. what are the autumnal thangs you simply must do each year to celebrate the season?

eating apple cider donuts and buying gourds from wilson farm

this one's a fairly new activity, as i've only lived wicked close to this epic farmstand for the past 2 years, but oh man. i feel so grown-up when i spend half of my paycheck on useless hot maple toddy candles, little shellacked pumpkins (they're all shiny!), and crisps and pies. aw yeah.

day-trippin' to NH or vermont

while i'm not particularly outdoorsy, as a new hampshire girl, i can appreciate a nice, easy hike up mount monadnock or a woodsy walk through quechee state park. the air's just fresher and the leaves are just better (sorry, mass.)

listening to "so far we are" by the french kicks

i don't know what it is about this song -- it might be that it was my favorite tune when i first moved to boston in september of '06. but every year, around this time, i crave it like a basic bitch craves a pumpkin spice latte. it just sounds like jean jackets and leaves and cuddling with a dude with a beard. right?

searching newbury street for scarves 'n boots

in fact, i might actually do this today. whether or not i buy anything, half the fun is the people-watching, strolling in the crisp air, and treating myself to a hot beverage while i window shop at anthropologie.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

i lost my head in san francisco

san francisco, man. i spent 4 days in the golden gate city, and i'm still not sure what to make of it. my main association was always the anne hathaway classic the princess diaries, so i was shocked to realize there was no genovian consulate in the city. i kid, i kid. but it was certainly much different than the image i had built up in my mind. not bad, not good ... just different. isn't it funny how that happens? i managed to pack quite a bit into my whirlwind trip, and it was just the getaway i needed to recharge my batteries. let's get into it!


swan oyster depot

i made a beeline for this spot in a fit of hunger and frustration, after being told that my hotel room wasn't ready yet. it was first on my agenda anyways, as my favorite tv personality/DILF/life guru anthony bourdain had spread the word. thankfully, i didn't have to wait long since it was the middle of a weekday, and snagged a spot at the counter. the clientele in line was also entertaining:

(his shirt says "giving jesus more of me.") swans, oysters, and jesus fish.
i'm also happy that i did my research and asked for an off-menu item, the scallop sashimi, because i'm actually not a huge oyster fan. the selection on the platter varies by day, but i got lucky with smoked salmon, ahi tuna, and some other fish i can't remember at the moment. mercury poisoning never looked nor tasted so good, y'all. thanks, tony!

hops & hominy

sidled up to the bar here on my first night, and promptly made friends with this married couple who were celebrating their 9th anniversary. due to the husband, sam's, poor planning, they didn't have reservations at another restaurant until 10pm, so they were killing time here. a friend was chauffeuring them around, so they were knocking. them. back. no idea how much they had to drink, but i was impressed. we had a great chat as i sipped the glass of wine they bought me and ate my duck bolognese:

when i was telling my cousin the story the next night, she asked if they were trying to pick me up, and i was all "no waaaa-oh, maybe." but still. shoutout to sam and heather! here's to many more years together, you crazy kids.

ike's place

though i was a little bummed out that they've taken the "tim lincecum" sandwich off the menu, the "robin williams"(halal chicken, italian dressing, mushrooms, and pepper jack) more than made up for the indiscretion. i'd even go so far as to put it in my top 3 sandwiches of all time, behind the pan bagnat from pennypackers in somerville, mass. and the california chicken club at the lemon tree in vero beach, florida, which is forever my #1.

there's no place to sit at ike's, however, so i took my sandwich and strolled down to mission dolores park to enjoy it while some annoying pigeons stalked me.


umm, no? i actually went out of my way to make a stop here, as i've heard it touted as the best bakery in the country, blah blah blah. maybe i ordered the wrong thing, but i almost broke my damn tooth on my first of three macaroons, and threw the rest out. maybe i'll give it another go on my next visit.

bi-rite creamery

needing to cleanse my palate and heal my wounded incisors after the macaroon disaster, i sought refuge in the form of ice cream at bi-rite. one scoop of roasted banana, one scoop of malted vanilla, and i was good as new!

puccini and pinetti

two of my cousins live nearby, so i enjoyed a nice girls night with one of them, and my other cousin's wife. first, some rooftop dranks at the c-cake fac. and then, a delicious seafood dinner at the italian restaurant in my hotel. linguine and clams forever.

bartlett hall

since i had to get up pretty early for my flight on sunday, i had intended to just have a glass of wine and a quiet solo dinner at this gastropub around the corner from my hotel. of course, that meant hanging out with old married dads from the UK and australia for 3 hours as they doled out dating advice, showed me videos of girls twerking, and continuously expressed their disgust at my macaroni and cheese. "what is that?" they pointed. "that looks like a heart attack on a plate!" "THIS IS AMERICA ON A PLATE," i shot back, defensively, as an amused bartender looked on. "we have paaaaa-sta," one explained. "with tomahhhto sauce." many LOLs were had, and my favorite aussie, clyde, sent me on my way as i left: "tell your parents they did a great job." i'm totally the dad whisperer.


the cable cars

the cable cars are so uniquely san francisco, but also kind of weird and archaic. don't get me wrong, they were awesome, but i seriously doubt that any actual residents take them. got some great shots, though.

lombard street & macondray lane

these two were right up my, um, alley (see what i did there?). we've got lombard, "the crookedest street in the world:"

and macondray lane, which is just super whimsical and magical:


one of the coolest places i've ever had the pleasure of photographing. i was listening to this playlist while i strolled, and totally had one of those "movie moments" as i descended down the hill and into the heart of this 'hood while the neighbourhood's "R.I.P. 2 my youth" enveloped my ears. you know, where you're just kinda overwhelmed by the beauty of the world around you? legit, i teared up for a minute. cheesy but true. then i took these photos:

painted ladies

guys, can you believe the one thing i forgot to do in san francisco? yep, i forgot to see the friggin' full house house, which was basically my #1 goal. you see, i hopped off the hop-on-hop-off bus at alamo square to see the famous painted ladies they also show in the opening shot. i was going to walk over to the place where uncle jesse begged for mercy and uncle joey did bad bullwinkle impressions, since it's actually in a pretty random location. and then ... i just ... started thinking about lunch, and stupidly wandered away to ike's place, not realizing what happened until i was at dinner that night. stupid, stupid, stupid! at least i got to see the mrs. doubtfire house, so all was not lost. my stomach betrays me again.

haight ashbury

because i love hippies and longhairs, this was unsurprisingly my favorite neighborhood. it was everything i expected it to be: smoke shops, all tie-dyed everything, and old dudes in wheelchairs sitting on the street, yelling "drop acid, not bombs." hands down though, my favorite moment of the trip -- besides the night i bought myself a massive piece of bread pudding and ate it in a bathrobe in my hotel bed -- occurred when i passed by this adorable 20-something homeless vagabond. "you're really pretty," he said quietly, in the most sweet and sincere way. "thank you!" i replied. he then points at me and goes, "you're GROOOOOVY!" day = made.

golden gate bridge

i realized shortly after i booked this trip that a while back, i had made a "30 before 30" list. on that list was "stand on the golden gate bridge," and i honestly didn't think i'd accomplish it in time. but BOOM!   checked that one off real quick.

muir woods 

there were lots of super tall trees and i got in touch with nature 'n shit:

sonoma & napa wineries

i'll admit, i was most nervous about going on this day trip tour by myself. however, i made fast friends with a girl whose boyfriend was in SF for a conference, and she was on the tour alone as well. we kind of established a bad reputation at the first winery, as we completely lost track of time while "tasting" and doing shots of red wine from chocolate cups, and our bus driver actually had to go in and find us. thankfully, she diffused the situation by cheekily saying, "don't hate us 'cause we got more free samples than you!" as we boarded the bus and the old people glared at us. i immediately liked her even more.

basically, we just drank and drank and ate wine grapes and then bonded with two other girls on the trip and took a fun group selfie overlooking the GG bridge:


so glad i did this! even if you're not a history geek, the audio tour is fairly short, and the old prison cells and dining hall and escape stories are really, really cool. i also did a guided walking tour upon my arrival, but it didn't teach me anything that wasn't covered on the audio tour. so, if you go, i'd skip that ish.

while i can't say i'd ever consider living in san francisco, i appreciated the delicious cuisine, beautiful, colorful buildings, historic charm, and friendly residents. i also highly recommend solo travel. it might seem intimidating at first, but people are generally nice, and i never once felt lonely or isolated during my vacation. plus, there's no one to harsh your mellow or nix your dining choices, etc. don't be afraid to fly solo!