Wednesday, March 18, 2015

5 things i love right now

1. female-fronted garage bands

i'm usually iffy on "chick rock," but there are a couple of groups out there that have recently sparked my interest in the genre. both of these tunes seem perfect for chillin' on a stoop with an ice cream cone and pining over cute boys with your BFFs. the twin river track also has one of the most strangely clever videos i've seen in a while.

bully - "brainfreeze"

twin river - "bend to break"

2. this tank top

whenever i find myself in macy's, i instinctively gravitate towards anything that's part of madonna's clothing line, material girl, without even realizing it (because i'm actually 16 years old). so naturally, upon seeing this incredible spray paint-patterned top, i fell in love and had visions of all of the amazing spring and summer adventures i could have in it. aw yeah.

3. the trailer for montage of heck, the kurt cobain documentary

y'all know i love anything grunge/nirvana/kurt, so clearly this documentary will be a must-see.

4.  ben & jerry's cherry garcia ice cream

can we like, make this a thing again? i've always been partial to phish food and half-baked, but i was in a fruity mood the other night and decided to branch out to another classic. cherries, chocolate, and a nod to a rock legend? all about it.

5.  brandy melville

i made my first visit to this store in rome a few years ago. while i was immediately confused by its one-size-fits-all approach, i was also infatuated with its california cool apparel. now that there's one in boston, i get to spend way too much money on impractical crop tops, tees that say "RADICAL," and big plaid flannel shirts. yes!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

around town: new highway hymnal and hallelujah the hills at the paramount center

i decided to make it a point to see more live music this year (like i used to back in my high school and college days), and i've gotta say, it's greatly improved my life so far. there's just something about the experience of seeing a band -- whether they're local garage rockers or an up-and-coming indie group -- that is so life-affirming and exciting and fun. last night was one such experience that was particularly unique, and i haven't blogged in like, foreva-eva, so i figured i'd write about it.

the show was apparently the first of its kind at this small theatre space in the paramount near downtown crossing in boston. this theatre typically hosts, y'know, plays and artsy performances rather than raucous rock shows, so my buddy brendan and i weren't quite sure what to expect when we passed through the doors and were greeted by a fancy-looking bro that directed us to the show upstairs. the best way i can (and did) describe the venue: "this is like, out of a movie. one of those teen rom-coms where the main characters go to the local hot spot to see some really cool band play." between the exposed brick, the cute makeshift bar in the corner, and little tables with black tablecloths scattered throughout the room, it oozed classiness. i dug it. but onto the show!

new highway hymnal, a local psych-shoegaze-garage trio, opened. i'd seen them open for bass drum of death a couple of years ago and was super-impressed by their musical prowess since they all look soooo young. their songs have all of the things i love: fuzz, distortion, male/female vocals, and great melodies. also, the female bassist was rocking these awesome ripped black tights that i really wish i could pull off in my daily life.

let's talk about the crowd for a second too, because it was kind of weird. it was a mixed bag of emerson students, cutesy couples, and older dudes with beards that rivaled brendan's. we were fascinated with one of these dudes in particular, who was engrossed in his smartphone for much of the night, and made up wild stories about how he was obviously sexting a honey he met on a dating website for grateful dead fans. obviously.

oh, yeah, hallelujah the hills! i'd also seen them once before, and actually discovered them in kind of a strange way. i used to intern for lead singer ryan walsh's brother right before i moved to boston, and he mentioned them after i told him about my plans. i immediately fell in love with their triumphant group vocals, odd lyrics, and songs that you can't help but sing along to, like "wave backwards to massachusetts." they have a super upbeat energy and funny onstage banter; you can just tell they're having a great time. 

at one point, ryan regaled us with a story about how he was on the train during one of the snowpocalypse storms. while trying to point at something, he inadvertently stuck his finger into a stranger's mouth ("full insertion.") he assured us that, even though we were breaking in this new concert space and it might feel a bit strange, nothing could be more awkward than that moment. 

as you can see, they also had this running montage of video clips playing on a screen throughout the show. according to ryan, it was supposed to be a "pink floyd-type thing." trippy, mayne. sometimes it was amusingly distracting, but it certainly added to the whole quirky vibe of the night. 

OH, and i wanted to steal this amazing white light-up arrow that they had onstage (in the bottom right of the picture above). i was eyeing it the whole night and i don't think i can rest until i find it or a reasonable replica. holler at yo' girl if you can assist with this mission.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

should've swiped left: a collection of tinder haikus

happy v-day! i've been thinking about my experiences over the past year or so that i've spent on tinder, and figured that i should memorialize my weirdest dates from the infamous app via haiku. please feel free to contribute your own in the comments. also, i received a message this morning which read "are you going to be a snow angel for the blizzard?" oof.

p.s. the above image is from an amazing tumblr, tinder messages on valentines


We met for coffee
I ended up in your loft
The old bait-and-switch


You were from Quebec
Drinks, dessert, Eurotrash club
And lots of groping


Violin maker
And a nursing school drop-out
Argued against weed


Still in the closet
You loved the barkeep's bow tie
We got the same drink


Snobby southern boy
Your disdain was palpable
But you liked good bands


A finance fellow
Loved to sing acapella
Acapella sucks

Saturday, February 7, 2015

show i love: hindsight


i've been spreading the gospel of hindsight to my friends since i watched the first episode over a month ago, so i figured i'd tell the internet about it.

it's no secret that i'm obsessed with all things '90s, and often feel like i'm a misplaced member of gen-x. i mean, one of the best days of my life was the one where i got to see buffalo tom and the lemonheads perform on boston common for free. so when i heard about a show that revolved around the idea of a woman being transported (via elevator??) back to 1995, i was all in immediately.

surprisingly, the writing and acting are actually quite good, and all of the characters are interesting and relatable, so it's not even a guilty pleasure by any stretch. the soundtrack is spot-on (toadies! alanis! REM! dishwalla!). plus, john patrick amedori plays the main character's shaggy stoner brother -- the one in the trailer that assures her it is indeed 1995 -- and i'm completely and totally in lust with him. unf. if you're reading this, JPA, call me.

but back to the point. please watch this amazing show. it's on vh1. wednesdays at 10, though i watch it on demand because workaholics/broad city obviously takes priority over everything. i'm sure you can find it illegally on the internet, too.

that's all i've got, so i'm gonna go listen to some spacehog and buy some doc martens now.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

around town: forge baking company

as a coffee addict, baked goods aficionado, and a writer, i'm forever on the lookout for a place to set up shop and toil away for a couple hours on a sunday morning. let's be real, half of that time is probably spent trying to find the perfect spotify playlist and/or facebook stalking and/or people watching. but i digress.

i recently read on one of my favorite local blogs, somerville beat, that a new cafe had emerged on the scene. while i'm quite loyal to my ol' standby (kickstand cafe in arlington), i was in the mood to mix things up and give the new kid a chance. i'm so glad i did!

forge baking company is housed in an old warehouse space within a shopping plaza (no parallel parking, hallelujaaaah!). it's totally bright, open, and airy. oh, and big! it always bothers me when cafes have like, 2 tables in the whole place. i wanna sit and sip, man. sit and sip i did, thanks to the abundance of seating, which included a counter that looked into the kitchen. no secrets here! there was also a ton of cool art on the walls that i dug.

the menu is large and varied, with both sweet and savory offerings. fresh-baked pastries, muffins, and scones are available alongside more substantial sandwiches and salads. i obviously got the house-made s'more pop tart, because ... uhhh, WOULD YOU JUST LOOK AT IT?

i should also note that there's free wi-fi -- which, as far as i'm concerned, should be a requirement at any coffee shop. you'd be surprised how many places in the area don't offer it, though (::cough::rhymes with "weasel"::cough::).

overall, forge is a great addition to the neighborhood with good coffee, good food, and good vibes. i'm looking forward to becoming a regular!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


now, for something completely different. i may have been all gung-ho on winter a few weeks ago, but i've moved on and i'm ready for sunshine and warm weather once again. since i have a waaaays to go 'til things warm up (and i go to vegas in april!), i decided to bring the summer vibes here.

we've got the perfect soundtrack:

oh my god, i've rediscovered this song in a big way in the past few days. it was my jam at age 16, and no matter what mood i'm in or how old i get, it never fails to transport me to a boardwalk where i'm eating cotton candy and wearing cut-offs. dig it.

aaaaaand some sweet treats:

can't forget the waves:

and one of those tacky t-shirt shops, for good measure:

your turn! what would you bring to the party?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

5 things i love: boston winter edition

if you couldn't tell by the flood of iPhone weather screenshots, it's cooooooooold here in the northeast. i'm hunkered down with a blanket, some coffee, my favorite candles, my wax warmer, my flannel PJs, uhhh you get the idea. but it got me thinking about some of my favorite things to do 'round here when the temps drop and drop and drop and drop.

1. drink hot chocolate at max brenner and LA burdick

if you hate hot chocolate, i feel bad for you, son. there are only a handful of both max brenner and LA burdick locations in the whole country, and the boston area is blessed to host both chains. while both provide top-notch cocoa and ambiance to boot, i've gotta hand it to max brenner because of their adorable hug mugs. also, i made the mistake of ordering a large hot chocolate at burdick a few weeks ago, and almost fell into a chocolate coma on newbury street because it was so rich. but i mean, if i had to fall into a coma, a chocolate one would probably be the best kind, eh?


for once, i didn't steal anyone's photos for this one! that's my very own hug mug from a visit to max brenner, and what i like to call a "where's waldo selfie" at LA burdick. 

2. shop for weird vintage jackets and scarves at oona's and raspberry beret

the only thing better than wearing a cute sundress or romper that belonged to some random, strange person is wearing a fur coat or a fluffy patterned scarf that belonged to some random, strange person. y'all know that i am all about secondhand stuff, and thus completely unfazed by all of the odd smells and other unknowns ... perhaps disturbingly so. but anywho, you can find some true gems at oona's in harvard square and raspberry beret in porter square, from big jackets to cute hats and all sorts of other winter wear. plus, how can you NOT love a place named after a prince song?

3. watch people fall down while ice skating at the frog pond

am i a bad person? i mean, i do love watching great skaters do their thang, too. but as someone that has only been on ice skates a few times in her life -- and spent most of those times flat on her ass -- i've just gotta sympathize (while chuckling) with the poor souls that chose to show off their skills (or lack thereof) right there in the middle of boston common. we're laughing with you!

4. eat mac & cheese at the publick house 

ugh, i wish i lived closer! their beer menu is killer, but i come for the mac & cheese. you get your choice of add-ins, which include shrimp, scallops, lobster, and short rib. 'nuff said. 

5. get cozy with a cocktail at JM curley

i'm actually obsessed with this bar. and it's in downtown crossing, so that's saying a lot. from my first visit, when the insanely hot bartender lit my friend's and my drink ON FIRE with a match in his mouth, i was sold. whew, sorry, still get a little flushed thinking about that moment a year later. aside from the drink pyrotechnics and eye candy behind the bar, it's got a super-cozy neighborhood vibe and they have yummy cocktails and an amazing food menu (ramen lasagna, huhhh). plus, they give you bacon-y popcorn! great great great.