Wednesday, February 29, 2012

100 things to do in 2012: month in review

holy god how is it already (almost) march?! this time last year, i had just gotten into grad school and was about to head to TX for sxsw. so much has changed! all good things, though. i didn't accomplish as much from my list this month as i'd hoped to (read: go to miami for the south beach wine and food fest to chill with paula deen) but it's fiiiine.
ALSO! before i get into this month, i have to update you guys on one of my items from last year, which was to write a fan letter and get a response. welp, i received a huge envelope from LA a few weeks ago and knew immediately that it was from my fave jackass, steve-o. it was better than i could have dreamed:

but onto february!

10. make $2,000 in freelance: STARTED.
$785 already! holl-errrr.

29. watch 26 new movies, one for each letter of the alphabet: CONTINUED.
watched "midnight in paris" and "catfish" this month...both highly recommended (catfish is haunting my dreams). 20 to go!

42. give more than a 20% tip: COMPLETED.
i went to a new hair stylist and he was super-awesome and sweet, so he totally deserved a lil' extra.

77. find one new song that i like each week: COMPLETED.

my annual sxsw music hunt netted me some awesome songs, including:
furguson - casacuberta
the front bottoms - maps
the technicolors - to love
the lovely bad things - i just want you to go away

(you can listen to all of them on my sxsw playlist)

i also secretly started loving that cobra starship song "middle finger". but my current favorite, thanks to my pal jacob, is this tune (which he described as "very 'kim'". um, correct!) what is with me loving bands with "walk" and celestial objects in their names this year?! whatever, i'm going with it.

79. make my nails look really awesome: COMPLETED(?)

a meeting for a research paper last weekend with a friend and fellow classmate became us getting manicures instead...totally fine. i'm kind of stoked on the purple and gold glitter thang, but i think i can get a little crazier. so this one is a maybe.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

damn hipsters.

so, we watched this clip from portlandia in one of my grad school classes last night (as part of a larger discussion on hipsters) and...WHY DON'T I GET IFC? so hilarious.

anyways, we also talked about how substantial the "hipster" culture is here in orlando. it's kind of weird, really, and people don't believe me. but there are more underground art galleries, coffee shops, vintage shops, and dirty dive bars in some areas than you could imagine, and i kind of love it. as someone who tends to hang on the fringes of that whole scene (read: likes lattes and live music, but dislikes all the pretense and the women's jeans on guys and such), i can dig it. i ain't afraid to say it: hipsters, i don't hate you! go on with yo' too cool selves.

Friday, February 10, 2012

4 tv characters that would make great valentines.

oh, v-day. i know it's all cool to hate you, but i just can't. i mean, there's chocolate involved! it's impossible to hate a day that involves chocolate. but i digress.

i was thinking about how i gave out "clarissa explains it all" valentines one year in elementary school, and what a crush i had on sam. he's being left out of this list because um, i'm no longer 8 years old, but here are the top 4 on-air dudes i wouldn't mind getting some candy hearts from:

1) jordan catalano (my so-called life)

so what if he can't read and he doesn't really have any other ambitions besides fronting the frozen embryos? he wears flannel and he's dreamy, goddammit.

2. jess mariano (gilmore girls)
same type, different show. rory so should have ended up with him!

3. seth cohen (the oc)

a nerd, sure, but a stand-up guy and a fellow music-lover. perfect!

4. nick andopolis (freaks and geeks)

i would basically just like to be jason segel's friend in general...and his f&g character really doesn't seem too far removed from his real-life personality. plus, he's a drummer. and everyone loves drummers.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

100 things to do in 2012: month in review

hey, y'all! hope 2012 is off to a great start...i know i'm loving it already. i got to knock off at least a few items from my list, so hooray for that:

23. go to tampa & st. petersburg: PARTIALLY COMPLETED.

i took a trip to tampa last weekend to see my dear friend alissa and attend what is basically a pirate mardi gras known as gasparilla (pictures here). this was my first trip to tampa, and it was so much fun. especially since swashbucklers were roaming freely, i discovered the brilliance that is a dirty shirley, i got like 10 billion beads, and a man giving out free hugs told me i was a good hugger. success!

29: watch 26 new movies, one for each letter of the alphabet: STARTED.

the help, happythankyoumoreplease, something borrowed, and new year's eve. only 22 more to go!

75. laugh so hard i cry: COMPLETED.

i can always count on this youtube diva to crack me up, and i randomly decided to watch this video a few weeks ago. TEARS, child....tears rolling down my face the entire time. i seriously can't handle the genius of qaadir howard. enjoy!

77. find one new song i like each week: COMPLETED.

among them:
panic at the disco - "ready to go"
drake - "the motto"
breathe carolina - "blackout"
walk off the earth's cover of gotye's "somebody that i used to know" (in my previous post)

WOTE was definitely my best discovery and i'm kind of a little bit obsessed with them now. but i mean, how can you not love a band that does ridiculous covers of LMFAO and rihanna? also, i may or may not be in love with the long-haired singer who kind of looks like jesus. watch and LOVE!

96. eat at a hibachi steakhouse: COMPLETED.

my friend amy is moving to israel for 5 months(!) and just happened to have her going away dinner at a great hibachi place here in orlando. i don't think i'd been to one since i was like, 8, so it was a ton of fun. the chef pretended to throw an egg at me and we all chowed down on steak/chicken/shrimp/pasta/veggies. good times!