Wednesday, February 29, 2012

100 things to do in 2012: month in review

holy god how is it already (almost) march?! this time last year, i had just gotten into grad school and was about to head to TX for sxsw. so much has changed! all good things, though. i didn't accomplish as much from my list this month as i'd hoped to (read: go to miami for the south beach wine and food fest to chill with paula deen) but it's fiiiine.
ALSO! before i get into this month, i have to update you guys on one of my items from last year, which was to write a fan letter and get a response. welp, i received a huge envelope from LA a few weeks ago and knew immediately that it was from my fave jackass, steve-o. it was better than i could have dreamed:

but onto february!

10. make $2,000 in freelance: STARTED.
$785 already! holl-errrr.

29. watch 26 new movies, one for each letter of the alphabet: CONTINUED.
watched "midnight in paris" and "catfish" this month...both highly recommended (catfish is haunting my dreams). 20 to go!

42. give more than a 20% tip: COMPLETED.
i went to a new hair stylist and he was super-awesome and sweet, so he totally deserved a lil' extra.

77. find one new song that i like each week: COMPLETED.

my annual sxsw music hunt netted me some awesome songs, including:
furguson - casacuberta
the front bottoms - maps
the technicolors - to love
the lovely bad things - i just want you to go away

(you can listen to all of them on my sxsw playlist)

i also secretly started loving that cobra starship song "middle finger". but my current favorite, thanks to my pal jacob, is this tune (which he described as "very 'kim'". um, correct!) what is with me loving bands with "walk" and celestial objects in their names this year?! whatever, i'm going with it.

79. make my nails look really awesome: COMPLETED(?)

a meeting for a research paper last weekend with a friend and fellow classmate became us getting manicures instead...totally fine. i'm kind of stoked on the purple and gold glitter thang, but i think i can get a little crazier. so this one is a maybe.

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  1. Awesome!! Love how you roll. Inspiring. I'm working my list too. I will share soon :)