Tuesday, February 21, 2012

damn hipsters.

so, we watched this clip from portlandia in one of my grad school classes last night (as part of a larger discussion on hipsters) and...WHY DON'T I GET IFC? so hilarious.

anyways, we also talked about how substantial the "hipster" culture is here in orlando. it's kind of weird, really, and people don't believe me. but there are more underground art galleries, coffee shops, vintage shops, and dirty dive bars in some areas than you could imagine, and i kind of love it. as someone who tends to hang on the fringes of that whole scene (read: likes lattes and live music, but dislikes all the pretense and the women's jeans on guys and such), i can dig it. i ain't afraid to say it: hipsters, i don't hate you! go on with yo' too cool selves.

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