Friday, February 10, 2012

4 tv characters that would make great valentines.

oh, v-day. i know it's all cool to hate you, but i just can't. i mean, there's chocolate involved! it's impossible to hate a day that involves chocolate. but i digress.

i was thinking about how i gave out "clarissa explains it all" valentines one year in elementary school, and what a crush i had on sam. he's being left out of this list because um, i'm no longer 8 years old, but here are the top 4 on-air dudes i wouldn't mind getting some candy hearts from:

1) jordan catalano (my so-called life)

so what if he can't read and he doesn't really have any other ambitions besides fronting the frozen embryos? he wears flannel and he's dreamy, goddammit.

2. jess mariano (gilmore girls)
same type, different show. rory so should have ended up with him!

3. seth cohen (the oc)

a nerd, sure, but a stand-up guy and a fellow music-lover. perfect!

4. nick andopolis (freaks and geeks)

i would basically just like to be jason segel's friend in general...and his f&g character really doesn't seem too far removed from his real-life personality. plus, he's a drummer. and everyone loves drummers.

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