Sunday, July 23, 2017

there be dragons

oh, hi! forgot about this thing for a minute. it's been a whirlwind few weeks--new job, new apartment, new errything--but i've finally settled down enough to catch my breath and share a few photos. 

most of y'all have seen some photos of my place, but if not, here they are again (plus a few more). my bedroom is still art-less and no one cares about bathrooms, so here's the living room:

and the kitchen:


oh, and this my current view. decks and decks and centre street in between. i've got the windows open and it smells like i'm about to crash one of my neighbors' cookouts.

speaking of, i've only been in jamaica plain ("jp" for short) a week and i feel like i probably should have been here all along. it's kinda hipster, kinda hippie, extremely diverse, everyone's really friendly and has adorable dogs, the houses are out-of-a-storybook-af (more on that below), there are so many great restaurants and cafes and stores within walking distance (namely grass fed, fomu, ten tables, and obviously the original jp licks). plus, i made it to copley square on the t this morning in 13 MINUTES. all about all of it. oh, and the DILF factor is off the charts. today, while waiting for a sandwich at city feed, i observed a bearded hipster with two little ones in tow, wearing a t-shirt that depicted the cast of sesame street crossing abbey road. peeeeak JP dad.

anywho, i took a little walk yesterday to explore the area:

apparently i'm living in an actual fairy tale
they looove their murals
little free library #1

house. goals.

little free library #2

mural #2

jamaica pond!

so in love with this porch


aforementioned storybook house.

 cute indie bookstore

my apartment building isn't as cute as this one, but it's across the street so it still counts


last night, i strolled over to this little art exhibit/block party thing at the sam adams brewery, which was cute. they had free beer and the jp honk band played and they projected art on the outside of the brewery and such.

then, a few blocks away, i just HAD to catch a glimpse of the start of the annual world naked bike ride. it did not disappoint.

that's all i got for now, but so far, moving across the river might just be one of the best decisions i've ever made.