Thursday, March 29, 2012

tv shows that no one remembers (except me).

i swear that all of the following shows are IMDB legit. yet, every time i’ve ever tried to describe any of them to someone, they either change the subject or run away. rude! i proudly claim these weird, forgotten, and awesomely terrible blips in tv history.

1. today's special

the one with the creepy department store mannequin that came to life at night and hung out with the chick that worked there. i think it was canadian. the mannequin was actually kind of cute when he became human, as my 5 year-old self remembers. but, um, he was also a mannequin, so....

2. on our own

the one about the six orphaned siblings struggling to make it in the ‘hood. It was part of the TGIF lineup for like, two weeks, and starred real-life siblings whose names all began with “j”. and they played characters whose names all began with “j”, but were different than their real names. oh dear, i’m beginning to understand why this didn’t last very long.

3. second noah

the one in hawaii with all of the pets and all of the kids. oh, and james marsden. no, i don’t mean 7th heaven, but i think the dad might have also been played by stephen collins or someone that looked a lot like him. “noah” is a reference to the ark. get it?!

4. fred penner's place

the one with the guy that had the guitar and sat on rocks and sang children’s folk songs. sometimes animal puppets would even join him,i think. he also instructed us viewers how to deal if we got sprayed by a skunk in one episode. there may have been some serious hallucinogenic drug overtones going on, but guys, he was basically the original man vs. wild! give the man some credit.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

it's hard to look you baaaaaby!

just documenting one of the greatest pop songs i've ever heard in my entire life. this homemade music video even makes me like bieber, which is saying A LOT. i'm on day 2 of listening to it on repeat, running low on food and water...but i can't stop.

Monday, March 19, 2012

from the livejournal archives: on this day in 2006...

this past week has been all about nostalgia for me, man. i made a huge playlist of basically everything i listened to from 2000-2006, and called up the old livejournal the other day for some lolz. i'm pretty pleased with how thorough i was! so let's look at what happened on this day in 2006, shall we? it was kind of boring, i guess, but there are so many forgotten cultural touchstones that it's like a damn time capsule(failure to launch kind of...failed to launch, rock-a-way records is long gone, i did end up working at my dad's office that summer, i got into emerson, etc.). i'd love to hear some of your old LJ gems- that is, if you weren't too cool for one back in the day.

your mind ain't playin' tricks and neither am i[19 Mar 2006|12:32pm]

aaand spring break's over. school's such a drag!

things i did of note this past week include going with jacob to this awesome little vinyl store in nashua, called rock-a-way records. as i put it, it was a "hidden gem in an otherwise uncultured city". reminded me of a store that would be in portsmouth or something and i loved it! i might just go back there sometime to snag a kinks or black sabbath record for decoration, unless i buy a record player. which i have been toying with, too. i'm reading an article about the guy who owns it and i guess he's only 23. keep going,'re rocking nashua's world!

i also saw failure to launch and now am even more in love with matthew mcconaughey (i honestly have to google his name every time), and idolize zooey deschanel. aaand i rented must love dogs which was cute...i need my own john cusack!!

and i rekindled my dunkin' donuts love. though i probably can never work there again, i'm truly surprised at how much MORE i go there now for coffee...i probably went almost every day during break. sad, but that's my caffeine addiction. speaking of which, i'm also trying to think once again of summer employment ideas. i was supposed to be working at my dad's office, making frickin' 15 bucks an hour or something, but they gave the job to the girl who got it last summer. AWESOME...looks like more food service/retail fun for me!

so, i sent in the last form that was part of my emerson application a few days before spring break started. it's been a long time coming, but it feels good to have it finished. now i just have to wait, which isn't my forte. but, what will be will be, and i'm really just hoping it works out!

i kind of want to go see adam green at the bowery ballroom in april. but i don't know if anyone else here appreciates his oddball/extremely vulgar lyrics (i.e "you know i wanna bone you!! i wanna put a hole in you!") and that's quite a tame example. listen to some of his songs, especially "no legs" for a raunchy laugh or two...i think he's hysterical.

my room is freeeezing. and i need to unpack.

spring is tomorrow, i think, and it better stop flurrying here so i can get excited about it.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

the best of weird florida, part #1

i love taking pictures of weird things, and florida has provided me with no shortage of them. so, i thought it was about time to start a collection of the photos. heeeere we go! please add your own "weird" sightings in the comments!

turtle bay "liquor bar" (orlando)

"breeder's pick" puppies (orlando)

3 signs, 3 flags (orlando)

outdoor laundromat (vero beach)