Thursday, March 29, 2012

tv shows that no one remembers (except me).

i swear that all of the following shows are IMDB legit. yet, every time i’ve ever tried to describe any of them to someone, they either change the subject or run away. rude! i proudly claim these weird, forgotten, and awesomely terrible blips in tv history.

1. today's special

the one with the creepy department store mannequin that came to life at night and hung out with the chick that worked there. i think it was canadian. the mannequin was actually kind of cute when he became human, as my 5 year-old self remembers. but, um, he was also a mannequin, so....

2. on our own

the one about the six orphaned siblings struggling to make it in the ‘hood. It was part of the TGIF lineup for like, two weeks, and starred real-life siblings whose names all began with “j”. and they played characters whose names all began with “j”, but were different than their real names. oh dear, i’m beginning to understand why this didn’t last very long.

3. second noah

the one in hawaii with all of the pets and all of the kids. oh, and james marsden. no, i don’t mean 7th heaven, but i think the dad might have also been played by stephen collins or someone that looked a lot like him. “noah” is a reference to the ark. get it?!

4. fred penner's place

the one with the guy that had the guitar and sat on rocks and sang children’s folk songs. sometimes animal puppets would even join him,i think. he also instructed us viewers how to deal if we got sprayed by a skunk in one episode. there may have been some serious hallucinogenic drug overtones going on, but guys, he was basically the original man vs. wild! give the man some credit.


  1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Today's Special was Canadian. I remember watching it on TVO as a kid, lol.

  2. haha, yes! they reran it on PBS or nick or something here i think. glad you remember it too!

  3. Wow, you went to the well for these... I was only 2 for 4 in knowing thses. And I'm a huge pop-culture nerd.

  4. OK, so Today's Special was my FAVORITE show (alongside the Great Space Coaster) and no one remembers it, you are so right! It drives me crazy! I can sing the whole theme song for you if you would like...

  5. I remember that Siblings show...The youngest girl had a strange speaking voice....