Sunday, April 1, 2012

100 things to do in 2012: month in review

march was a lil' slow, but no big. onwards!

10. make $2,000 in freelance: CONTINUED.
$905...almost halfway there!

29. watch 26 new movies, one for each letter of the alphabet: CONTINUED.

i actually saw 4 new movies this month, but only 1 counted towards my list: footloose. i know, i know. but it was better than i expected? also, just a word of warning: NEVER ever watch "me, you, and everyone we know". i apologize if you've seen it. literally the worst movie i've ever seen in my life.

46. make a painting: PLANNED.

thanks to a livingsocial deal, my friends and i are going to check out a nearby place called "creative canvas and wine" later this month, where you pay a flat fee for all of the supplies you need to make your own painting! plus, you can BYOW. i'm not sure how the painting will come out after a few glasses of riesling, but...

77. find one new song that i like each week: COMPLETED.

besides "call me maybe" and the new bieber tune which i regrettably LOVE, i found some other new faves.

dig 'em!

81. eat chicken and waffles: COMPLETED.

so, i attempted to check out the downtown food & wine fest here in orlando yesterday. of course, the minute i got there, the sky opened up and i had to run for cover under a bank awning. BUT! i was there, dammit, so i was going to eat. so i ate pork tacos, gumbo, and-woohoo!-chicken and waffles. they were delicious, and the perfect warm comfort food for my drenched, momentarily-grumpy self. check!

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