Thursday, March 30, 2017

a spring fashion wishlist

i'm currently on a shopping hiatus to conserve funds, so i've been spending much of my time drooling over cute spring apparel on various sites, adding 20 items to my cart, and closing the window. please indulge me and enjoy some of the best pieces i've found in my recent internet travels.

this adorably springy dress and also maybe that pup (modcloth)

a retro bomber jacket (anthropologie)

a sassy romper that i'd have absolutely nowhere to wear (urban outfitters)

this cheeky graphic tee (human)

"cropped linen overalls" even though i typically hate overalls, because you can't deny these (urban outfitters)

some casual espadrille tennis shoes for $158 (anthropologie)

this unique and sweet '90s top (it says "just take these flowers")(etsy)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

around town: commonwealth market & restaurant

it's one of the most wonderful times of the year ... restaurant week! oh, sorry, i guess it's officially "dine out boston" or some nonsense now, but i will forever refer to it as restaurant week. for the past three or so years, my friend kathleen and i have had a standing date twice a year to stuff our faces for a fixed price at a variety of spots in the boston area: bergamot, tw food (RIP), henrietta's table, beacon hill bistro, marliave ... we've conquered 'em all and lapsed into food comas immediately afterwards.

we'd each been to commonwealth in cambridge's kendall square neighborhood shortly after it opened a few years ago, but i barely remembered the food. i distinctly do remember, however, being preoccupied with some dope i was dating at the time and agonizing over him the whole meal. LAME. so i was more than eager to reclaim commonwealth and savor every damn bite of my meal without worrying about anyone or anything.

if you aren't familiar with the concept of restaurant week, you basically get a full three-course meal for $38, and choose from a selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

the vibe of the place is super rustic, with wood planks and white lights all around. basically the restaurant equivalent of a mason jar, if that makes sense. oh-so-cambridge.

there's also a market in the front portion of the restaurant, which offers all sorts of yummy treats and pickled things, etc.

but onto the food!

to start, kathleen opted for the nashville hot wings with slaw and bread and butter pickles:

and i ordered the crab-stuffed deviled eggs with salmon roe, which made them look kind of like little alien eggs or something:

(i'm kind of a deviled egg freak, and these were among the best i've had.)

for the main course, i went with the chicken cordon bleu with creamed leeks and green bean almondine:

and kathleen got the stuffed peppers with wild rice, roasted tomato sauce, and avocado ranch:

for the grand finale, i went all in with the red velvet cake, which was accompanied by toasted coconut ice cream and butterscotch oat crumbles:

(yes, i actually died and am writing this from the grave)

kathleen ordered the chocolate pie with banana cream and peanut butter cookie. guuuys.

everything was delicious, and the service was fantastic as well. if you find yourself near kendall square, i wouldn't hesitate to recommend commonwealth.