Thursday, March 30, 2017

a spring fashion wishlist

i'm currently on a shopping hiatus to conserve funds, so i've been spending much of my time drooling over cute spring apparel on various sites, adding 20 items to my cart, and closing the window. please indulge me and enjoy some of the best pieces i've found in my recent internet travels.

this adorably springy dress and also maybe that pup (modcloth)

a retro bomber jacket (anthropologie)

a sassy romper that i'd have absolutely nowhere to wear (urban outfitters)

this cheeky graphic tee (human)

"cropped linen overalls" even though i typically hate overalls, because you can't deny these (urban outfitters)

some casual espadrille tennis shoes for $158 (anthropologie)

this unique and sweet '90s top (it says "just take these flowers")(etsy)

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