Sunday, May 26, 2013

around town: brunch at aquitaine

is it possible, at 9 pm, to still be full from 10am brunch? because i think i am.

my birthday is on tuesday, and i was in the mood for a more low-key celebration than the past few years  (last year i happened to be in italy, for my 25th i partied at foxwoods, and for my 24th i danced all night at a ghetto-fabulous guido nightclub in malden). plus, i also wanted to celebrate being back in the boston vicinity. i figured a brunch would be the perfect solution: good food and good friends in my favorite city in the world!

word on the street was that aquitaine, a french bistro in the south end, had a ridiculous brunch deal. seriously, $9.95 for an omelette, toast, potatoes, cinnamon roll, juice and coffee sounds too good to be true, right? i was skeptical, but this place delivered. while the menu has a bunch of other tempting options, all six of us went with the prix fixe menu.

first came the cinnamon rolls, which had lots of delicious frosting and were more puff pastry than cinnabon. also, note the fancy coffee glasses!

the majority of us also got the omelette de la maison, with gruyere cheese, bacon, and tomatoes, which looked a little somethin' like this:

 god i love the french.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

five things i love right now

1. coffee meets bagel

i swore that i'd never do online dating again, but this site just done changed my mind. it's so casual and simple and i promise they're not paying me to say this! the site connects to your facebook account and emails you a "bagel" (prospective date) each day at noon--often a person that you have a friend in common with--with non-identifying information about themselves/their interests and some pictures. you then have 24 hours to "like" or "pass" on your bagel, and if both of you want to connect, you can message each other privately. GENIUS. OBSESSED. i legit look forward to my bagels every day.

2. stonewall kitchen cinnamon & sugar donuts

speaking of breakfast baked goods, i whipped up a batch of these babies on sunday night and they were incredible! also probably a little healthier since they're baked and not fried (okay not much, since you have to dip them in butter and cinnamon/sugar). but honestly, best donuts i've ever had, and super easy to make.

3. this song that i just heard last week but apparently it's from last summer?

turns my car into tha club, man. love it...but i freeeeeaked out when i discovered that it was a dude singing. those pipes cray.

4. chris d'elia's vines

so, y'know that dude from the terrible show "whitney"? he's actually hilarious. my friend kari turned me on to his vines and nearly all of them make me cry with laughter. here's one of my favorites (link since i can't embed): 
see the rest at his twitter.

5. this new natural child tee (and button) that i just bought

these complete my quarter-life crisis.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

i'm feelin' rootless

long time, no blog! since my last post, i've graduated with my master's degree, packed my life away in orlando & made the three-day move back to NH (for the moment). and oh, what a trip it was.
here's some random stuff that happened:

-i discovered the sirius XM "pop2k" station which basically captured my entire tween/teen years. enrique, mandy moore, dre & eminem, chili was literally flawless.

-pretty sure a hillbilly freak was trying to take pics of me in a hardee's in the middle of nowhere in virginia. he was doing that thing where you pretend to be looking at your phone while aiming it DIRECTLY AT THE PERSON you're trying to creep on. dude, you can't outstalk this stalker. also the hardee's staff all looked related, in the deliverance sense.

-right before that, i saw a white van with spray-painted dogs on it and laughed/cried

-also spotted a license plate that read "DOL LUVR" and shuddered :(

-i was forced, against my will, to eat at a friggin' olive garden in maryland. my family was all super-tired and wanted somewhere really close. we were also in the mood for italian. so, i asked my homegirl siri for some help (thanks to the hotel wi-fi because i had no cell service in this joke of a place?). her response was the following:

so we went to the OG and i had eggplant parm and our waitress was *~super perky~* and whatever. it was fine and i felt a little dirty afterwards.

-almost every hotel we stayed in had cookies and i went on cookie missions every night. still got some of those suckers in ziploc bags.

-i saw an AC/DC tribute band's van in the parking lot of wendy's, smiled, and then turned around to see that i was eating my spicy chicken amongst mock-rock royalty. i thought about hitching a ride with them to their next biker bar show but they seemed a bit surly.