Sunday, May 26, 2013

around town: brunch at aquitaine

is it possible, at 9 pm, to still be full from 10am brunch? because i think i am.

my birthday is on tuesday, and i was in the mood for a more low-key celebration than the past few years  (last year i happened to be in italy, for my 25th i partied at foxwoods, and for my 24th i danced all night at a ghetto-fabulous guido nightclub in malden). plus, i also wanted to celebrate being back in the boston vicinity. i figured a brunch would be the perfect solution: good food and good friends in my favorite city in the world!

word on the street was that aquitaine, a french bistro in the south end, had a ridiculous brunch deal. seriously, $9.95 for an omelette, toast, potatoes, cinnamon roll, juice and coffee sounds too good to be true, right? i was skeptical, but this place delivered. while the menu has a bunch of other tempting options, all six of us went with the prix fixe menu.

first came the cinnamon rolls, which had lots of delicious frosting and were more puff pastry than cinnabon. also, note the fancy coffee glasses!

the majority of us also got the omelette de la maison, with gruyere cheese, bacon, and tomatoes, which looked a little somethin' like this:

 god i love the french.

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