Sunday, May 12, 2013

i'm feelin' rootless

long time, no blog! since my last post, i've graduated with my master's degree, packed my life away in orlando & made the three-day move back to NH (for the moment). and oh, what a trip it was.
here's some random stuff that happened:

-i discovered the sirius XM "pop2k" station which basically captured my entire tween/teen years. enrique, mandy moore, dre & eminem, chili was literally flawless.

-pretty sure a hillbilly freak was trying to take pics of me in a hardee's in the middle of nowhere in virginia. he was doing that thing where you pretend to be looking at your phone while aiming it DIRECTLY AT THE PERSON you're trying to creep on. dude, you can't outstalk this stalker. also the hardee's staff all looked related, in the deliverance sense.

-right before that, i saw a white van with spray-painted dogs on it and laughed/cried

-also spotted a license plate that read "DOL LUVR" and shuddered :(

-i was forced, against my will, to eat at a friggin' olive garden in maryland. my family was all super-tired and wanted somewhere really close. we were also in the mood for italian. so, i asked my homegirl siri for some help (thanks to the hotel wi-fi because i had no cell service in this joke of a place?). her response was the following:

so we went to the OG and i had eggplant parm and our waitress was *~super perky~* and whatever. it was fine and i felt a little dirty afterwards.

-almost every hotel we stayed in had cookies and i went on cookie missions every night. still got some of those suckers in ziploc bags.

-i saw an AC/DC tribute band's van in the parking lot of wendy's, smiled, and then turned around to see that i was eating my spicy chicken amongst mock-rock royalty. i thought about hitching a ride with them to their next biker bar show but they seemed a bit surly.


  1. You have so much going on, but congratulations on getting your masters! Thats exciting.


  2. Sounds like quite a trip!
    Congrats on your Masters!