Sunday, June 9, 2013

the best pop-punk throwbacks you never heard (or forgot about)

i claim to hate generic pop-punk sometimes, but then i get kind of hypocritical and have like 50 exceptions, mostly because of the nostalgia factor. here are 6 random ones.

1. lucky boys confusion - "hey driver" 

need an opening song for a driving-in-the-summer mix? you're welcome.

 2. my american heart - "the process" 

my friend dragged me along to see these guys--whom i'd never heard of before--back in like '05, and i was actually super impressed with their stage presence and catchy songs. this one was stuck in my head for at least the entire week afterwards. we may have also had a lil' crush on the cutie-patootie lead singer.

 4. northstar - "for members only"


i don't know. this song takes me back to a high school field trip to some weird theater. and the time that i made my myspace headline "these are the things she can take apart" and some crazy northstar fan started messaging me incessantly because of it. also, do you love the cheesiness/low-budg nature of these videos as much as i?

 5. number one fan - "come on"

i could never tell if i hated this band or not. even though they're long broken up and reformed as a band called the wildbirds who are actually pretty decent, i still can't. mainly chose this one because the lead singer really just captures that mid-'00s emo look PERFECTLY. why did i ever find labret rings attractive? do i still? all questions that i still struggle with.

6. envy on the coast - "temper temper"  
i heard this one in the middle of sets at an outdoor concert in college...AKA before the days of shazaam. i kept being rude and telling my friends to shut up so i could hear the lyrics. finally found it about a week later and have been angrily singing along every since.

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