Thursday, April 12, 2012

band i love: bass drum of death

i'm in the midst of a serious, intense love affair with a band called bass drum of death, and i'm not sure why these guys have been flying under my radar for so long. like, basically, from now on i'm just going to play the first video below when someone asks me what kind of music i like, because their entire album "gb city" pretty much embodies it. garage rock at its best: ridiculous riffs, perfect melodies, gritty, reverb-y vocals, sounds like it could have come from the 90s, recorded in a basement...yes yes yes yes.

oh, and i totally don't coincidentally think that the lead singer is a HPOSA (hot piece of stoner ass). that's crazy talk. but on the real...i must see them live at some point in the near future because it looks like they're pretty damn legit. VIDEO TIME!


  1. Just went to iTunes and picked up Bass Drum of Death's album based on your recommendation and checking out the videos - nice catch!

  2. awesome! hope you enjoy it as much as i do. been listening to it on repeat since i first heard them last week!