Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 things i love right now

1. the VW superbowl spot

as i tweeted on sunday, my new mantra is totally "sticky bun come soon."

2. better oats organic oatmeal

um, chai or cinnamon plum spiced oatmeal? that's like, all healthy and shiz? YES YES YES! i'm a longtime oatmeal fan, so i'm not sure how you'd feel about it if you're not into the whole hot cereal scene. but it's delicious, trust.

3. new hanson music soon!

FINE WINE. can't wait for this video.

4. "the match.com for friends," girlfriend social

i happened to be reading  this article  about the difficulty of making platonic female friends after college, and someone posted a link to this website, girlfriend social, in the comments. i clicked on it thinking that there wouldn't be anyone on it near me, and to my surprise, saw that there were tons of women AND a planned get-together brunch (which i attended this past saturday). it was a fun time and it's kind of a cool concept to be able to meet up with people you wouldn't otherwise come across. and, in my case, without the potential creeper dude factor.

5. the fact that macaulay culkin and adam green are BFFs who make weird art together

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