Sunday, August 19, 2012

5 more things i love right now

1. the winter park farmers' market

arguably the best farmers' market i've ever been to, f'real. it takes place every saturday morning in quaint downtown winter park and has a great selection of fruits, veggies, breads, cheeses, and even random stuff like kettle corn and honey. it's always a great time, with tons of locals coming together and really creating that community "vibe" that can be hard to find. plus, there's tons of cute puppies. always.  i went down yesterday, grabbed a delicious honey nut bagel with cherry-almond cream cheese (!) and a cappuccino from the on-site vendors, and snapped some shots.

2. this mandy moore song

this song is adorable! it's from her older, *more mature* album, amanda leigh, and i stumbled across it some time last week. though i vaguely remember bopping my head along to it on that day during summer 2007 when i stalked her 2 free concerts in boston (i had off from my restaurant hostess gig, what better way to spend it, right?). it has kind of a power-pop vibe, which makes sense since i guess she wrote this album with mike viola. enjoy!

3. "party of five" on DVD

i will forever be a '90s kid, so when i saw this when scanning the DVD racks at my local library the other day, i was overjoyed. i remember watching an episode or 2 when i was like, 8 or 9, but was too young to really comprehend or care about what was going on. so it's like discovering a whole new show with a fabulous soundtrack, tons of post-grunge hair, and FLANNEL!

4. this letter from a UCF professor to his students that made it onto the huffington post

5. mat devine's blog, the raccoon society

my best friend used to read this guy (the lead singer of new-wavey band kill hannah)'s blog religiously in high school and i became convinced that he was my pale, witty soulmate. while that may not be the case, i was happy to rediscover that he's still blogging and still funny as hell. case in point:

My love affair with NYC continues unabated, though I have to say, the pigeons here are fucking idiots. 
I was enjoying a calm moment yesterday in Christopher Park. (The plaque at the gate tells of the Stonewall Riot that took place here in 1969-- an event widely seen as the birth of the Gay Liberation movement)--
Anyway, this janky-ass bird is hopping around me, missing a toe BTW, (which I can only imagine happened in some filthy ill-fated rat attack)—Now, normally I wouldn’t have cared, but I’m feeling all lovey-dovey in the sun, so I break off a massive corner of my warmed almond brioche, toss it in his path, and await sweet satisfaction.
Cut to 10 MINUTES LATER. I’m rubbing my temples, trying to understand why this maverick is STILL choosing to peck at cold bricks and mortar when he’s clearly within inches of the biggest payday of his life.
At one point, he FINALLY starts bebopping directly towards the brioche (“It’s go time.”) Then, Mom, I-shit-you-not, he steps OVER it (“What!”), scuttles over to the fence and chokes down a random hunk of green glass.
The tipping point came when, after thoroughly exploring a wax Jolly Rancher wrapper, he set his sights on the tampon string under my bench. I stood up and shouted, “ENOUGH!”  Bird Genius took to the air, crooked and erratic- presumably to crash into a parked bus somewhere.  I will never give NYC pigeons another chance. Fuck them all.

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