Sunday, June 12, 2011

last night, i had the fortune of attending one of the most epic events of this year in boston, and one of the most epic events of all time to occur at famed fenway park. yes, folks, i'm talking about the union of boy bands new kids on the block and backstreet boys. in fact, it was fittingly ironic after i got this article published in thought catalog this past week about things i should stop doing now that i'm 25. but WHATEVER. plenty of awesome people-watching: cougars on the prowl, lots of north shore hairdressers, and one fine-ass nick carter. all in all, AMAZING.


- all of the group members being introduced as a "starting lineup" and running out onto the field in red sox jerseys

-boston mayor tom "mumbles" menino declaring june 11 "NKOTBSB day" hahaha

- joey mcintyre crying during "please don't go girl"

- torrential downpours halfway through the show and no one caring (joey mac: "it's rainin' at fenway and we don't give a shiiiit!")

- nick carter almost biting it onstage because of the rain/looking amazing

- a finale of their hybrid song "don't turn all the lights down" while wearing bruins jerseys

- an encore of "hangin' tough" from the green monster while wearing celtics and orlando magic jerseys (i didn't catch these last two because my camera died...COOL).


  1. You forgot to mention BEDAZZLED red sox jerseys!!!

  2. AHH and the naughty by nature cameo! there was just too much brilliance.

  3. Did Joey really cry? ;___;

    Do you happen to have the video of him singing Please Don't Go Girl?
    Or a bigger picture, maybe?

    Thank youuu <3