Thursday, June 9, 2011


welp, the word is out!

i'm moving to the land of boy bands, mickey mouse and the magic at the end of july - sunny orlando, florida - to attend grad school.

while i'm wicked excited for getting down in o-town, there are some choice things i will miss about the NE. in no particular order...

matty in the morning

i LMAO just about every morning to this snarky, cynical man and his sidekicks, billy and lisa. my friends and talk about them as if we know them personally. matty completely crushes listeners' and billy's self-esteem on a regular basis and it's fantastic. i only hope i can stream that ish in FL.

liberty bell roast beef & seafood/roast beef roundup

while working in woburn (or "the woob", as we affectionately called it), my coworkers introduced me to the gem that is roast beef roundup, or "guns and beef" - a hole in the wall where ordering is meant to be slightly frightening and the decor is more shoot-em-up than stylish. best damn beef i've ever had in my life. but when our office moved north, i needed my fix without the drive. enter liberty bell. just about a mile from my house, and just as good as the ol' RBR.

i also got word that the roundup is closing in august, so i guess good things never last...siiiigh.

phantom gourmet

the andelman bros are some funny men. for y'all non-new englanders, they host and produce a weekly TV and radio show called phantom gourmet. the TV show highlights yummy new england eateries every weekend morning and is basically total food porn for a freak like me. they also host local food events, and at the food and wine phest last year, i went up to dan andelman and asked for a picture. as we're posing, he goes "this is my girl, @kimlw! i retweeted you this shit!" I. DIE.

downtown melrose, ma

before i saw my current apartment, i had never even heard of this town. but i've totally fallen in love with the damn place. the old victorian houses are stunning. it's hokey, but walking down main street quite literally feels like a storybook. i can walk from my adorable lil' place to dunkin' donuts, a bunch of great restaurants, starbucks, like 4 different independent bakeries, CVS, the grocery store, my hair salon, a relaxing pond, etc. etc. and, i'm only a 15-minute t ride from boston! i guess i'm a 'burbs girl after all. and while it's time for a new chapter in the sunshine state, i would come back to melrose someday in a heartbeat. in the summer, that is.


meh, i'll miss me some red and orange leaves. i guess.

newbury street

classic boston. i've had many a magazine-reading brunch at trident booksellers, summer night ice creams at JP licks, and window-shopping seshes at marc jacobs and fcuk. loves itttt.

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