Wednesday, June 29, 2011

fewd, dewd

i've literally eaten the best food ever over the past couple of weeks and i obviously needed to talk about it with all of you.
  • my pal james runs the roxy's gourmet grilled cheese truck here in boston, and they're going to be featured on the food network's great food truck race in august! i finally got to sample the delicious GC at the sowa open market in boston's south end. sandwiches include a wild mushroom confit-and-swiss creation and another with port salut cheese, candied walnuts and cherry compote...for real, for real. i went classic (and local) with "the green muenster", which included guacamole and applewood smoked bacon. ohhhhyeahhh. literally, best grilled cheese you'll have in yo' life.
  • i also attended the phantom gourmet bbq beach party on sunday and delighted in rib, brisket, and pulled pork sandwiches from australia, texas, and virginia, respectively. the winner? texas thunder's brisket. still dreaming about it.
  • em (my cupcake crawl partner in crime) and i went "taste of cambridge" last night, where over 50 restaurants set up shop in harvard square to feed us lil' piggies. it's all a blur, but among the things i ate were: deviled eggs with baby shrimp, rice krispie treats, bacon cotton candy(!!), pork bahn-mi, a pb&j cookie thing, 5-spice chicken satay, cod and lobster chowder, gazpacho/beef carpaccio/strawberry macaroon (pictured above), salad, vegan lime tart, crispy duck tacos, oreo ice cream, summer veggie maki, clam ceviche, meatloaf slider....are you puking yet? honestly don't know how i didn't. as emily said, "this is the best event of my life, aside from my wedding".

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