Sunday, June 19, 2011

bottles & models: summer 2011 mix

in keeping with the trend of seasonal mixes, i got inspired by the beautiful weather we've finally been having in boston and decided to make a whimsical mix that's perfect for driving around during summer days and nights, too. also, it's sunday and i just had a fun day in the sun, so i'm not really in any mood to describe EACH AND EVERY track, but trust that it's killahhhh, kids. enjoy!


track listing:
1. washington social club - breaking the dawn
2. superchunk - here's where the strings come in
3. art brut - people in love
4. the young veins - young veins (die tonight)
5. the joy formidable - whirring
6. mazes - most days
7. nikka costa - everybody got their something
8. the cab - i'll run
9. phantom planet - leave yourself for somebody else
10. allen anthony - alright
11. the new pornographers - july jones
12. amerie - why don't we fall in love
13. two hours traffic - better sorry than safe
14. jagged edge f/ nelly - where the party at
15. the pack a.d. - deer
16. hanson - tearing it down
17. someone still loves you boris yeltsin - glue girls
18. the jesus & mary chain - stardust remedy
19. REM - supernatural superserious
20. damone - carwash romance

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