Monday, August 9, 2010

show i love: "dating in the dark"

3 guys, 3 girls. a dark room. dates in a dark room! awkward face-touching! "dating in the dark" would basically be my preferred approach to dating if i looked like a swimsuit model and lived in southern california.

you see, as much as i hate to admit it, i have a bad tendency to be superficial and/or write guys off too quickly (a psychoanalyst - or anyone that knows me - would cite this as the reason for my single status). BUT...i love good conversation and getting to know someone in a casual setting without that snap judgment. not that an ABC reality show is necessarily a "casual setting", but you get the idea. sure, there's the chance for that pang of disappointment when the big reveal comes at the end...but there would be all of that chemistry and personality to back it up, at least...right?! problem solved. i mean, unless they're a complete ogre, there could probably be potential. maybe.

also, the great thing about the show is that no one gets "kicked off" and there's no prize - just the opportunity for a relationship to develop from it. kudos! and if ABC can do it, why can't i? curtaining off a function room at panera for the first-ever "north shore date in the dark" may not have the glitz and glam of hollywood, but it's SO doable.

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