Monday, August 30, 2010

emmy fashion recap: what is this, a funeral?!

for (almost) every awards show, i eagerly watch from the countdown to the red carpet, to live from the red the actual show, mostly to see what gorgeous and/or hideous gowns will be discussed at the water cooler the next day. not that anyone at my office discusses emmy fashion around a water cooler, get the point. anyways, i don't know what y'all thought about the emmy ensembles this year, but i was BORED as haaale and felt like i was at someone's wake with all of the black floating around! an awards show, in the summer, in sunny los angeles just didn't seem right full of somber dark tones. yeah, i get that it's a classy gig, but it doesn't mean you have to look like you're in mourning. my god! anyways, i took the liberty of choosing my 3 least favorite and 3 best-dressed at the awards last night. agree? disagree? speak up!


christina hendricks

i don't know if a "mad men" time warp threw her off, but i was SO not a fan of christina hendricks' boobalicious, MILFy frock. it looked like a colonial housewife turned into a lady of the evening. combine that with the bright red hair and it looks like she could be turning tricks at a renaissance fair.

tina fey

everyone was raving about tina fey's oscar de la renta gown, but i felt more like it was something you'd find in a tacky cape cod gift shop for a cougar's "night on the town". the pattern is absolutely cringeworthy and the cap sleeves just make it look even more frumpy. no thx!

january jones

oh, girrrrl, i don't even know where to begin. what is with you mad men chicks?! now we've gone wonder woman with this nasty electric blue, and it looks like you're dragging a comforter and/or insulation behind you. blech.


anna paquin

take notes, chickies, this is how you do it! yeah, sookie's rockin' some black, but she's also got some FIERCE gold patterned shoulder action going on. with the sleek updo, she's totally flawless and fabulous, amirite?

claire danes

i don't even like claire danes that much (except of course, on my so-called life), but i LOVED her dress. it was classic glam - lots of sparkles and a pretty, subtle color. a bunch of gals wore white this year, but i much prefer something like this that has a little twist. bravo,, claire!

nina dobrev

i have a soft spot for the vampire diaries star nina dobrev because she was on my favorite canadian teen melodrama, degrassi, but i thought she looked particularly stunning in this one-shoulder grecian-lookin' gown. and she's sooooooooo tan.


  1. With 1 exception, I agree with your worst dressed picks. I thought Tina Fey's dress was nice, and she looked great in it, but it was NOT appropriate for an awards show- especially not the Emmy's.

    If I could choose the winner of the Emmy for Absolute Worst Dressed, Bitchy/January Jones would win it. Hands down. That trainwreck looked like it was made from recycled Maxwell House Coffee cans. AND it was ill fitting.

    As for Christina Hendricks, I didn't see her there, but that frock is hideous. Had anyone cared that she was even there, we probably would have heard more about her.

    Anna Paquin looked like she got dressed in Cleopatra's underwear drawer in the dark. I thought her entire get-up was unfortunate. Not to mention that vampires are lame. :)

    Claire & Nina looked great, but am I the only one that thinks Claire Danes looks like a 60 year old that's had one too many face lifts? From her neck up, she's tied with Anna for WORST DRESSED.

  2. point taken on tina's dress. either way, we agree it was DEFINITELY not awards-appropriate!!

    i'm LOLing at your comments on january/christina/anna/claire. i gots some love for anna, and i thought you loved true blood too! :)

    claire does look suspiciously tan....and a bit weathered. it's like a lilo-face-in-training....sheeeesh.