Monday, August 23, 2010

hot and fresh out the kitchen

sometimes, there are just so many random things i'm loving that i need to make a "hotlist". so without further adieu and in no particular order...

1 .mike "the situation" signing on for "dancing with the stars"

as you've learned from my previous post on the veritable god of screen, shelf, and nutritional supplement, i've got quite a thang for mr. sorrentino. and despite me swearing off "dancing with the stars" because it's SOOOOO BORING, the sitch might just have me tuning in again. but only if he promises gratuitous ab-flashing and random "GTL" and "grenade" outbursts.

2. weddings

this past weekend, i got all gussied up, hopped on a big yellow school bus with about 25 of the bride and groom's friends and proceeded to cry (the vows make me emotional, shut up), eat filet mignon, drink whiskey sours and dance 'til i dropped at the fabulous reception. now, there seems to be a lot of hate for weddings for some reason, and i just don't get it. i mean, odds are if you're getting invited to a wedding, you're friends with or relatives of one of the people getting married. so, you should PROBABLY be happy for them. plus, who doesn't want to eat a gourmet meal, get tipsy and boogie to kc and the sunshine band and lady gaga with aunt millie and the cute stranger you just met? by the end of this reception, men were donning nothing but vests and ties while jumping wildly to usher's "O.M.G." can't beat it.

3. boston's restaurant week

despite my mysteriously non-obese weight, i'm a secret fatty and the amount of food i ingest even disgusts me sometimes. so tomorrow, i'm heading to tremont 647 as part of boston's restaurant week to enjoy a 3-course pre fixe meal for the low, low price of $33! not bad for grilled shrimp risotto, sage-crusted rib eye and s'more brownies with chocolate ganache. NOM!

4. the new usher jam "dj's got us falling in love"

now, the top 40/hip-hop music of this summer has been particularly phenomenal, but when i went out dancing a few weekends ago and this one came on, i practically jumped out of my skin. between the fist-pumpin' beat, the catchy chorus, and when pitbull comes in and says "yabbadabbadoo make her bed rock, mami on fire psssst red hot" = RECIPE FOR SUCCESS. check it.

what are you loving right now?

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