Sunday, April 25, 2010

"how much does a polar bear weigh? enough to break the ice. call me"

oh, brendan leonard show, how do i miss thee? let me count the ways...

for those who didn't happen to watch abc family religiously during the summer of '03, you missed out on one of the best shows on tv. no really, this show still has a cult following. and when brendan leonard himself recently started a "revisited" fan page for the show, it got me reminiscing about the brilliance of the program. 

basically, it began as a cable access show featuring brendan and his friends doing random, wacky stuff, like duct-taping all of their joints, and holding wig contests. then, abc family picked it up and the rest was history. the humor of the show wasn't particularly in-your-face, but more of a dry snark that i obviously adored. plus, the oh-so-cute gang of guys on the show had superb taste in music, and introduced me to a buncha bands i still love, like jets to brazil, arlo, and the oranges band. there's some clips floating around on youtube, and brendan's started posting some old and new skits on the fan page. here's one of my favorites, "spatulas".


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