Wednesday, May 5, 2010

band to watch: taylor locke & the roughs

as a long-time rooney fangirl, i've had my eye on lead guitarist taylor locke for quite a while now. lord knows he can wail on the guitar, but i must say it came as a pretty big surprise to me when i saw that he had started his own side project, taylor locke and the roughs, with charlotte froom of the like, mike mccormack of everybody else and chris price of the price brothers (all part of an LA circle of bands i happen to follow fairly closely). i was even happier when i got hold of their debut, grain and grape, and immediately loved it. the record harkens back to the straight-up singalong swagger of 70s rock, but still takes enough twists & turns to keep things interesting. i have a feeling these guys just might blow up real big real soon. check 'em out!

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