Monday, May 17, 2010

i'm an old woman (aka why i love medium)

boy, do i love my crime dramas. at one point, my old roommate and i had a tradition of "crime drama sundays" and it got to the point where we would recognize guest stars on "criminal minds" that had been on "svu" the previous week. things got pretty scary. but i digress.

i also like semi-spooky stuff involving ghosts and/or premonitions. so when the two combine in any form, it usually gets my vote. medium's been on since about 2005, but i never really started watching it until a few years ago. it moved to friday nights on CBS last year, which has occasionally made it hard to catch (thank god for ondemand) but it's really worth a watch if you haven't seen it before. 

the show is based off of an actual psychic, allison dubois, who helps the police solve murder cases based on dreams she has, though none of the episodes of the show are based in truth. this season has actually been the best yet in my opinion, and the plotlines are actually pretty unpredictable and exciting. plus, the dad (played by jake weber) is a total DILFy fox. reow! for a network show, it does a pretty good job of giving me some serious heeby-jeebies. so check it!

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