Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i have many addictions that i'm neither proud nor ashamed of. fast food, american idol, men who look like adrien brody....and the bachelor/bachelorette. it is what it is, okay? so i like to plop down on a monday night, chow down on some ben & jerry's and make fun of the inevitably ditzy bachelorette and the clowns that fawn over her. so what? who cares?

this year's chick is bachelor pilot jake's reject (i notoriously loved the much-hated vienna, who he chose instead) and i dislike her as much on her own show as i did on the bachelor. yet i still watch. why? WELL...

there's jesse, the rugged contractor that used a jigsaw to make ali some kind of heart pin-thing...SHUCKS! just adorable. and then...

chris, the WASPy landscaper from the cape. he's not really my type, but he makes me think of summer homes and barbeques and sundresses and wicker chairs, so bonus points for that.

this season's crop is certainly more interesting than most, so i'll be excited to see the trainwreck that will inevitably occur. but first, let's take a moment and rejoice that the two dudes with the creepiest hair are gone:

can i get an amen?!

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