Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i'm livin' life right now, mang

my god, how have i gone this long without blogging about my dear drake/aubrey/wheelchair jimmy?! as many who are close to me know and have witnessed, i have a tendency to randomly interrupt IM/gchat conversations with a drake lyric outburst - "drake tourette's", as i've dubbed it, and i ponder philosophical questions like "would wheelchair jimmy listen to drake?"

let's rewind and pause. for those not in the know, the rapper we all know and love as drake- real name aubrey graham- spent his formative years playing basketball player jimmy on the teen melodrama degrassi. the wheelchair part came when terri's abusive boyfriend rick shot him, but we'll deal with that later (not really). 

the point is that not once during his lengthy degrassi stint did i ever find him remotely attractive. but have him drop a few raunchy lines, drop his first name and pair him up with weezy, and i'm salivating. crazy. now i've got a full-blown drake addiction. combine that with the fact that a new video of something funny happening to him onstage hits youtube seemingly every day (drake falling! drake being flashed and forgetting the words! drake accidentally catching some crazy chick's underwear!) it's really endless entertainment. 

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