Monday, April 5, 2010

'round 'round 'round 'round

lil' plug for my pal and talented musician, grant squire. i took a listen to his debut, county lines,a few weeks ago, and did my pitchfork-iest write-up possible. it's really good, so check
him out here and pick up his album here!

On his full-length debut, County Lines, Grant Squire's bluesy, harmonica-laden tunes and penchant for catchy hooks help him carve out a niche that combines classic with contemporary, and offers a refreshing alternative to the often tired singer-songwriter repertoire. 

From the beginning to the end of the record, Squire gives the impression of an old soul – a bit weary, maybe, but not jaded – especially on the melodic "'Til You Come Home" and folk-tinged "Haunted". And despite his relative youth, he's damn convincing. That's not to say that there aren't more lighthearted moments on the album; County Lines is punctuated with plenty of unabashedly upbeat tracks, like the spunky "I Know Better Than That", "Lonely Only Son" & "I Need a Woman With a Spine", in  which Squire claims to seek "a woman who's rarely late, and finishes what's on her plate" - who doesn't, right? Piano-driven “Lonely Only Son” paints a picture of a wanderer, someone doesn’t quite know what he’s looking for, but will know when he finds it. 

A warm Americana vibe also perpetuates throughout, conjuring up images of train rides, campfires, and late nights spent chain-smoking with bottles of wine. "Round Round Round" perhaps best captures this feeling, and is an instant standout for its infectious, singalong chorus: "Round, round, round, round, here we go again/Round, round, round, round, you should know by now, my friend/Know better by now."    Thanks to Squire, now we just might. 

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