Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ooooh, girl.

what in the haaaale happened to you, marissa cooper? i mean, i know your character had lots of unresolved angst and issues - who wouldn't with that cougar of a mom and the tijuana incident - but i think life is imitating art a wee bit too much, chicky. from the psychiatric hold last year you claimed was from getting your wisdom teeth out (really?!) to your alleged recent appearance at an L.A. bar where you showed up, ran outside and puked, then went back inside, i'm worried about you. where's the ol' hot & non-messy mischa we all knew and loved? 

don't get me wrong, you've always been an absolutely abysmal dresser (lest we not forget the flower child incident of last year), and there was that little DUI...but at least your cray-cray clothes didn't totally match up with your ways. get it together, girl! i'll be watching season 1 of the ocon dvd patiently until you return.

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