Wednesday, April 14, 2010

show i love: parenthood

if you haven't seen nbc's "parenthood" yet, you're dead to me. okay, kidding - but only sort of, because i honestly haven't enjoyed a show this much in ages. it's funny, it's poignant, and most of all, it's heartwarming. and who doesn't love a good warm heart, huh? 

basically, the gist is that sarah (lauren graham) moves back into her parents' house with her teenage kids. all of her brothers and sisters still live in the area, so lots of interesting family dynamics ensue. and while i was very, very afraid that lauren graham would get all gilmore girls-y on me - i love that show, but c'mon - she is refreshingly un-lorelai like. also, hello random, dax shephard stars as the endearingly immature brother crosby and i somehow don't hate him. understand that this is a major achievement for me. peter krause of "dirty sexy money" and erika christensen round out the sibs and craig t. nelson (COACH!) plays the stubbornly adorable dad. basically, you can't go wrong.

i seriously must sound like an NBC suit, but legit- tuesdays at're gonna love it. if you don't, complain here and we'll hash it out.

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