Sunday, October 30, 2011

100 things to do in 2011: month in review.

happy almost-halloween! it's been a busy and fun month...i can't believe i have less than six weeks left in my first semester of grad school (cue freakout). looking at what i have left, i'm notttt sure i'm going to tackle everything on my list by the end of the year (unless i somehow can somehow meet, party and sing karaoke with andrew jenks in chicago in a limo...or something. but never say never, right?

13. see 50 new movies: CONTINUED.
saw the surprisingly cute "what's your number" (which was set in my old 'hood, the north end of boston. who knew!) and "under the tuscan sun" which, though i haven't seen "eat pray love", i'm guessing was much better.

14. dine at 50 new restaurants: CONTINUED.
went crazy at an all-you-can-eat salad bar chain called sweet tomatoes (it was okay, but i needed more meat and potatoes, tbh), a sit-down deli (toojay's) and a downtown restaurant/bar last night for the beginning of my halloween night (ember). i'm at 37, so i totally can do this.

25. try 5 new foods: COMPLETED.
leave it to me to go to an oktoberfest and have conch fritters, but whatever. they were yummy!

32. try one new recipe a month: CONTINUED.
okay, so i'm not the most innovative chef...i did "garlicky angel hair with shrimp" because i'm obsessed with shrimp. still!

58. read one book per month: CONTINUED.
christine hassler's "20-something manifesto" was pretty reaffirming and interesting. just started starbucks' chairman and CEO's book "pour your heart into it" which is great so far too.

73. assume a fake identity for one night: COMPLETED.
okay, i'm counting halloween for this because 1) i never dress slutty, even on halloween and 2) i was a slutty girl scout for halloween. it was definitely a step out of my comfort zone to wear a crop top and mini-skirt (with tights underneath!) throughout downtown orlando, but it was also kinda liberating and awesome. some girl at a bar was like "hey, look, there's a slutty girl scout!" and i was all...LOL.

78. take up a new hobby: STARTED.
on a rainy sunday morning, i decided to pop over to the yoga studio across the street and take a "stress relief yoga" class. it was actually really relaxing and nice, even for someone as high-strung as me. not sure if it'll become a full-fledged hobby, but i'd definitely go again!

87. organize my itunes: COMPLETED.
over a period of like 3 weeks, i slowly but surely categorized all of the rogue tunes in my library of 6,469 songs by genre and album. so glad it's over.

on a sidenote, i got to witness the coolest thing i've probably ever seen on a college campus, ever, on friday. for UCF's homecoming weekend, they do a huge pep rally called "spirit splash" where they let students run into the reflecting pond on the center of campus. not gonna lie, i kind of want to do it next year! i took some video from the madness:

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