Saturday, October 8, 2011

when are you happiest?

a few weeks ago, it was a gorgeous sunny day here in orlando, and i was driving down the 408, singing along to cheap trick's "i want you to want me". i realized that it's in some of the most simple moments like this, belting to my favorite songs in my car, that i find the most happiness. so, i decided to think of some other times when i'm pretty much just loving life. share your "happy moments" in the comments, please!

- having a leisurely morning & enjoying that first (or fifth) cup of coffee
- getting together with a friend i haven't seen in forever and picking up right where we left off
- going to see a really great live band, dancing my ass off and soaking up the energy of the crowd
- enjoying an amazing meal and a glass of wine at a new restaurant
- seeing a cheesy rom-com that, despite knowing it's not real, gives me that giddy reassurance that i'll find "the one"
- staying in and baking something yummy on a rainy day
- a new crush
- having impromptu dance parties with my mom, cousins and aunts at family functions
- buying a top/dress that i'm crazy about and can't wait to wear the next day
- hearing/seeing something that reminds me of a really great memory or time in my life
- the anticipation of taking a vacation i've been planning for months

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