Sunday, October 23, 2011

hi, i'm kim, and i have a cupcake addiction.

pretty much all of my food-related posts are about cupcakes. deal with it.

i finally got around to stopping into a shop that's just around the corner from me: sweet! by good golly miss holly. and as much as it pains me to say it, these cupcakes trumped all of the places i tried on my cupcake crawl with emily back in january.

i went for a red velvet and a banana cupcake (pictured above...these things are HUGE) and they were ridiculous. moist, delicious, and perfect frosting consistency...i could pretty much eat them all day (except not because i felt so horrible about myself after 1). service was fast, the shop was breezy and cute, cupcakes came in adorable individual boxes, and they even offered froyo and mini cupcakes for days when you just want a little bit of cuppy goodness. i guess miss holly was a celeb chef in LA who decided to bring her talents here to o-town (and jacksonville) some years back. and for that, i am glad.



  1. You would go bananas in NYC. There are cupcakes everywhere. Magnolia Bakery (several locations), Crumbs (ditto), Sprinkles, Butter Lane...I could go on and on.

  2. ahhh i went to magnolia a couple summers ago and nearly cried from the amazingness. haven't had the others but nyc is a cupcake paradise fo' sho'.