Monday, November 7, 2011

site i love: pinterest

i know that many of you are already on the pinterest bandwagon, but if you aren't...GET WITH IT! pinterest is an internet junkie and/or incessant daydreamer's dream come true (i happen to be both). the idea is that you can make your own personal bulletin boards from images you either search for on the pinterest site, or anywhere on the web. i had actually already been doing these "vision boards" in powerpoint, mainly just because they put me in a good mood. images of my dream home, people i want to meet, things i want to do...pinterest makes it much easier to quickly add things to my boards and share fun images with friends. for example, you can check out my "happy stuff" board.

the site says you need an invite, but i signed up and received one the next day, no problem. happy pinning!

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