Sunday, December 5, 2010

a crapella

i might be in the minority, but i've never been a fan of a capella groups. i can appreciate a great voice, sure, and i'm super-impressed by vocal beat-boxing and all of that....just not together. after prolonged exposure to it, my left eye starts twitching, my head starts hurting, and sometimes i even have to start humming my own song to distract from the hot mess that is an a capella song.

maybe that's why i hated NBC's "the sing off", an a capella competition, when it premiered last year. first of all, the groups were absolutely horrible singers, but my aversion to vocal-only music probably didn't help. and when i saw this performance promoting the upcoming season on the macy's thanksgiving parade, it all came rushing back to me. this crop of singers seems better, at least, but the background "du-du"s and "bop"s still give me immense anxiety. anyone else?

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