Sunday, December 19, 2010


for some totally unknown reason, i resurrected my okcupid profile (okay, it may have been because despite disabling my account, i was still getting messages about my bangs which don't exist anymore, and it was pissin' me off). and within a week of gettin' back on the horse, i'm reminded of just what i hated about it in the first place. that's not to say that some of the messages are INCREDIBLY amusing, are some select gems:

"how u doing? I'll be abouts in boston next week. Thought we could hang out and u could take me dance if u please"

"Beautiful, useless trivia, car rapping! Wow, perfect! Wait... sister act 2.....Really?"

"Never heard anyone call someone a toolbag Lol hit me up if u wanna chat my name is ___"

(The following 3 are all from the same dude):

"Do you have two quarters? My mom wanted me to call her when I fell in love"

my response: " mean you don't have a cell phone?!"

"No I do, but I'm just feeling crappy b/c you never called me yet :P Lol"

(after I didn't respond):

"Call me, dickhead :P"


....i need to write a book.

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